Wire bra

Wire bra that matches your bust

A bra with an underwire is for you who need extra support under the bust. It is mostly women with larger and fuller breasts who use this bra model, as it is helps to give a better lift and at the same time can help keep the breasts in place. If you are looking for the right underwired bra that matches your bust, we have collected a large selection of popular models for women of all ages from all the well-known and most sought-after lingerie brands on this page: Triumph, PrimaDonna, Marie Jo, Sloggi, Chantelle and many others.

A nice and well-fitting wire bra is a must in every woman's lingerie drawer. The underwire bra helps to lift the bust, while giving it a beautiful shape. In addition, it can be worn under almost any outfit. A bra with an underwire gives the chest extra shape and support. And even if you can't always see the bra, it can have a big impact on your well-being during the day. When you research the market, it is important that you are thorough and do not buy at the first model, as the different types of underwired bras are far from the same.

Some models, for example, are specially designed for women with a shorter upper body or where the chest sits high on the body. These are sewn with underwires, which are lower so they don't bother under the armpit. In a larger size bra, you will find that a wider underwire has been sewn in to provide more support and strength. Whereas in the smaller sizes, the underwire will be narrower and simply hold the breasts in place. Find the best wire bra for your bust on this page, and you will most likely experience increased joy in everyday life when you wear it. When it comes to underwire bras, there are models, materials, brands and fits that suit every type of female body. You will therefore certainly also be able to find your next must-have wire bra on this page.

Always a large selection of underwire bras for every type of woman and occasion

A underwire bra is, as the name suggests, a bra designed with underwires. This helps to lift the bust and highlight your feminine shapes. Some of the models can be designed with a push-up effect, which gives your bust extra fullness. You can get underwire bras in many different designs, colors and materials. The color palette offers, among other things, classic and toned-down colors in both light and dark shades as well as strong bright colors that match the season and fashion's trends and tendencies within the lingerie industry.

If you often wear low-cut dresses or blouses for festive occasions, you can choose an underwired bra with beautiful lace edges, bows or the like, which with the fine decorative details will make your outfit extra feminine. Take a look at our gorgeous wire bra category, where you can find plenty of inspiration for your outfits.

Diameter of the underwire of the bra

The larger the woman you are, the larger the circumference of your bra should be. Like so many other things, the diameter of the underwire plays a particularly important role in how the bra fits. There is a sea of different measurements, including both diameter and length, where the width can vary from model to model. The most important thing is that the diameter of the underwire corresponds to the diameter of your breast, otherwise the underwire will bother you.

If the diameter of the underwire, for example, is too small, your breast will be squeezed and your breast may therefore have difficulty staying in the bra. If, on the other hand, your wire bra is too big, the underwire will sit around the back or the underwires will hit each other at the front of the bra. It is therefore important that you check the width of your bust before buying your next underwired bra.

Why choose a wire bra?

There are several opinions about whether a wire bra supports, or simply squeezes and irritates your upper body. Some love it for its support and feminine lift, while others find it uncomfortable and constricting. But the underwire actually has three purposes: it lifts, supports and shapes your breast, whereas a bra without underwire let your bosom live freely.

The underwire helps to lift and support, while also evenly distributing your bust to the other parts of the bra. The underwire itself is the load-bearing element of the bra, as it bears the weight of the breast. Therefore, a bra with a higher underwire and wider back will provide better support for the weight of your breasts. This helps to give an upward lift thus ensuring that the pressure is less on your shoulders. When the underwire hugs your breasts, it creates a split, which means that each of your breasts gets individual support, thus creating a distinct shape of a bosom that supports two beautiful, elegant breasts.

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