Triumph bodystocking

Large selection of Triumph bodystockings

Triumph bodystockings are super nice and this also applies to a large extent to the beautiful models from Triumph. On this page you will find a wide selection of many different bodystockings from the very popular brand. When choosing your bodystocking, it is particularly important that you find a model that you feel comfortable in. It must sit well on the body, without tightening in the wrong places. All bodystockings from Triumph are all produced in fantastic materials which ensure that you will not get tired of them, even if you wear them all day.

Are you missing a nice bodystocking from Triumph?

A bodystocking is both elegant and beautiful. But at the same time also a bit cheeky and seductive. A bodystocking can also just be a perfect addition to the rest of the clothes at work, for the party or completely different events. Many women associate a bodystocking with naughty lingerie, which only belongs at home behind the four walls of the house. But it doesn't have to be just like that, because a bodystocking is far more than that.

A bodystocking is elegant and with a quality that is found in the beautiful bodystockings from Triumph, it is hard not to be tempted to walk with one every single day. What characterizes the beautiful bodystockings from Triumph is that they must all be closed at the bottom with the help of small buttons. The buttons are practical, as they can open the bodystocking so you can easily go to the toilet without having to take off all your clothes.

The German brand Triumph has designed a multitude of beautiful and very elegant bodystockings, all in different styles and expression, but in the same good quality that the brand is particularly known for. All bodystockings are produced in delicious materials that ensure you good comfort. Cute little details, beautiful bows and adorable lace, are decorated on many of Triumph's bodystockings. But you will also find very simple models from Triumph.

Bodystockings for everything

A bodystocking is a must have and for that reason alone, should be found in every woman's underwear drawer. The possibilities are many with a bodystocking from Triumph. You can wear your simple bodystocking from Triumph with your favorite shirt or pair your bodystocking with a beautiful skirt for a sophisticated and elegant look. The possibilities are many, and for that reason alone, a bodystocking no longer needs to belong only to cheeky lingerie. The fine bodystockings from Triumph are designed with a perfect fit and comfort. This also means that you won't find any noticeable seams, which could irritate your skin when you wear it.

Have you found your perfect Triumph bodystocking?

Have you found the perfect bodystocking from Triumph that both fits great and does exactly what you want it to do. Then you probably also want to take good care of it. As far as possible, wash your bodystocking by hand, or put it in a laundry bag before putting it in the washing machine. If you wash your bodystocking by hand, dissolve the detergent in very hot water. Make sure to wash your bodystocking immediately.

If your bodystocking is white, it means it is dyed white, so use detergent for colored clothes. Avoid overdosing and use never fabric softener. Never use the dryer to dry your bodystocking. You can advantageously dab the water out instead before you hang up your fine freshly washed bodystocking. But never in direct sunlight. Buy your bodystocking from Triumph from us and be tempted by the many beautiful designs and materials the beautiful bodystockings are made of.