Large selection of shapewear

These are different types of panties that can help tighten things up a bit. That means the butt up, and stomach and thighs in! Shop Shapewear from well-known brands - e.g. Triumph, PrimaDonna, Marie Jo and Sloggi. Shapewear are products that are also called "tighten up" underwear. Shapewear brings out the beautiful shapes and makes you feel comfortable. You will find shapewear in fantastic models and seductive colours. Even though it is shapewear and it tightens, the materials are still soft, feminine and beautiful.

Shapewear creates a fantastic shape effect and conjures up the sensuous and feminine silhouette. Now you can jump into your tight-fitting dress or sweater and feel gorgeous and comfortable for every occasion. The brands you can get shapewear in are Triumph and PrimaDonna. Both brands have a great focus on providing you with the best materials. They are good at keeping up with fashion and trends and ensure that you can get the best goods in the best quality. Fortunately, shapewear comes in several colors and can therefore suit several outfits.

Triumph shapewear

Triumph is the brand that delivers the large and wide selection to you under the shapewear category. Triumph has both shapewear products that focus on the butt, stomach, waist and legs. Shapewear makes you want to jump into any outfit. Shapewear for your confidence to shine. In Triumph's fantastic range of shapewear, you can be sure to find good fits and good quality. Triumph's shapewear supports women's shapes and silhouettes. Triumph strives to keep up with the new trends for models and the fashion colors that are coming, so that your wardrobe is updated with the latest. See what you can choose from when you need shapewear:

  • Shape bras
  • Shape panties
  • Shape bodystocking
  • Shape undershirts

You can use the knickers and bodystocking for your other lingerie you have in your wardrobe at home. Shape panties in black will still be perfect for your current bra. You can also use your favorite bra under your body stocking.

What shapewear does for you

  • With a petticoat or bodystocking, you can tighten and lift your rear. Shapewear tightens your silhouette and gives your figure feminine shapes. A petticoat can shape up your stomach, waist, bottom and legs. A bodystocking is perfect under your dress.
  • The shape undershirts make your T-shirt fit even better and make your waist look beautiful and clear. Please note that the upper part of the undershirt, which sits on the chest, does not have a shape effect, as it is not your chest that should have a shape effect. A shape undershirt is good for a T-shirt with jeans, but also under the dress. You can find shape undershirts in black, white and skin-coloured.
  • The high shapewear panties, which support your stomach and waist, give you a nice and well-shaped figure. The materials smooth both your stomach and waist and give you the most beautiful shapes. When choosing the high panty, pay attention to where the edge of the panty sits on your body, so that you don't risk it rolling down over time. You can find panties that are classic but also panties with fine lace.
  • There are different bras that are part of Triumph's shape series. Bra with shape-up, underwire bra, minimizer and bra with push up. The models give you the shapely silhouette that every woman wants. The bras are made of soft materials, which give you optimal support, regardless of whether you have a large or small bust.

Shapewear tightens

Shapewear is made of strong materials that go in and tighten the body, but not in an uncomfortable way. When you have to go out and find new shapewear and you don't know which size to choose. But it is now very simple, as you actually just have to take the same size that you always wear your underwear in. For your sake, Prima Donna and Triumph, who make shapewear, have dealt with the sizes that are already on the market.

If you take the right size, the shapewear will in no way be uncomfortable to wear and you will feel comfortable. Although shapewear is made of tight materials, there is a selection of classic designs, but also beautiful details of lace and colors. There will always be basic models you can get hold of, with fashion models and fashion colors occasionally coming in. You can always be sure that there will be shapewear in stock.

Shapewear underwear as your secret weapon

Do you want to look extra good at the party this weekend or fit perfectly into your skinny jeans? Then shapewear underwear can become your secret weapon. The hallmark of this type of underwear is its ability to hold in the stomach, lift the buttocks and shape the thighs so that they appear smooth and firm. This firming underwear is available in many different varieties, depending on you want a piece of underwear that can tighten the whole body, or whether you want a piece that can focus on just one area. There are good advantages to choosing your shapewear underwear in both light and dark shades, as, for example, black shapewear will hardly work particularly well under a white or beige dress. Fortunately, the basic items and colors will always be on stock, so you can grab them as soon as possible.

Do you wash your shapewear properly

Your beautiful shapewear must of course be treated properly, just like all your other lingerie at home. There will always be washing instructions with the goods you buy, which you must follow carefully. If you do not follow the washing instructions, the right to complain will disappear. On some of the shapewear models, there will be a small silicone edge which makes the panties stay up in the waist. Do not put cream on the body where the silicone edge will sit. The cream settles on the silicone edge and will thus slide around the body instead of being stuck.

You must wash your shapewear in a washing bag, to be gentle on it. It is always a good idea to use a gentle wash when you wash lingerie that is made of fine materials and contains elastic. If the elastic is washed at temperatures that are too hot, it will break and not have the same effect on your body as before. Remember that you can also wash your lingerie too hot, even if you hand wash.

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