Sloggi Double Comfort

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Sloggi Double Comfort is Sloggi's classic series, suitable for women of all ages who value classic and comfortable underwear. Sloggi Double Comfort is particularly known for its good fit, which is therefore not without reason many women's preferred choice when it comes to underwear.

Through their range, Sloggi manages to put their customers first, which benefits you when you wear underwear from the renowned brand. Dive into our wide range on this page and find your favorite items from Sloggi Double Comfort.

Sloggi Double Comfort – Classic underwear for women

Sloggi Double Comfort is a delicious series, which is produced in the softest and finest cotton, and which you will love to wear closest to your body. It is therefore not without reason that Sloggi Double Comfort is many women's preferred lingerie choice when it comes to classic and comfortable underwear.

In Sloggi's classic panty series you will find comfortable tops and different panty models:

The basic colors of the three different panty models are black, white and skin-coloured.

Sloggi Double Comfort panties – your new favorite

When you try Sloggi Double Comfort for the first time, you will quickly find out why so many women love to wear it and return to the comfortable panties in particular. With the perfect fit, which especially characterizes the series, and the comfortable materials in 95% cotton and 5% elastane, the Sloggi Double Comfort series is extra attractive.

Sloggi Double Comfort panties have a wide elastic edge at the top, which makes the panties extra comfortable to wear, as the elastic is on a wider piece than if it had been a thin elastic instead.

How do you wash Sloggi Double Comfort?

Since the materials and fibers on underwear are different, it is therefore also different from lingerie to lingerie, which temperatures it can withstand being washed at. Regardless of which underwear you have to wash, it is important to follow the washing instructions. If not, the right of complaint and return will disappear.

Sloggi Double Comfort, which is made of 95% cotton, can withstand being washed at up to 95 degrees. However, we believe that 60 degrees will be sufficient to wash the underwear on.

Pamper yourself with comfortable Double Comfort underwear from Sloggi

Sloggi Double Comfort is the ultimate self-indulgence, as you get soft and comfortable underwear that is suitable for every occasion. The soft and comfortable materials are breathable, fit like a dream and there are no unpleasant labels that irritate the skin. At the same time, you probably won't find a better fit from any other brand on the market, as Sloggi Double Comfort hugs your body and feels soft against your skin.

You can now move freely as you want without worrying about seams or edges that will bother you. Feel how well-being feels from the inside out, and drop your lingerie that tightens and gives your body marks. Instead, invest in Sloggi Double Comfort, where you will feel free, light and comfortable all day long. The classic and comfortable underwear is therefore lingerie, which is ideal for use under a pair of tight jeans or a tight-fitting dress, where the product will almost feel invisible. With Sloggi Double Comfort, you get pampering at the highest level and products of the best quality.

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