Sloggi wireless bra

Large selection of wireless bras

With a nice underwire bra from Sloggi, you get a beautiful bra with a fantastic fit. Bras have a unique fit that makes the bra sit very comfortably on your breasts. On this page you will find a wide selection of many beautiful underwired bras from Sloggi. The beautiful and very feminine wireless bras are all produced in beautiful materials. Which makes the experience of wearing a bra without an underwire from Sloggi a very pleasant feeling. With a bra without an underwire from the very popular underwear brand, you get through the day easily and elegantly. Completely without annoying seams and scratchy labels. But with an underwire bra that feels absolutely perfect on your bare skin.

Underwired bras

The many underwired bras have become popular with many women. With Sloggi's well-known and good comfort, it is not that difficult to understand either. A bra without an underwire is comfortable, but at the same time it is also quite practical. Underwear brand Sloggi has designed many beautiful underwire bras, all of which have a very simple and feminine look and feel. Women are different and so are their breasts. No two breasts are the same, and therefore there are also many different needs for the right support. Sloggi's underwire bras give the breasts perfect support with unique comfort.

Are you using the right Sloggi underwire bra?

Perhaps, like many other women, you also think that it can be difficult to see which one of the many underwire bras is the ideal one for you. But once you've tried one of the beautiful underwire bras from Sloggi, it can be difficult to let it go again. Sloggi is unmatched comfort and fit. All products are developed with you and your well-being at the center. What characterizes Sloggi's underwear and their many different bra models is that they can be used by all women of all ages. For Sloggi, it is mostly about the individual woman's needs. A need to feel comfortable throughout the day.

The perfect pair

Even if you've probably found the perfect underwire bra, it won't last forever. It is said that a bra can stay beautiful for approx. 8 months. After this, the elasticity gradually begins to disappear. This can be seen, among other things, in the fact that your bra without an underwire starts to look dull and worn. You can see that the small elastic bands in the bra are starting to break. If your bra is decorated with small fine laces, these will also look boring as time goes by.

Underwire bras require the best care

When you start washing your underwire bra, it is a very good idea to follow the included washing instructions. Preferably avoid washing your bra in the washing machine. A trip in the washing machine can easily ruin your bra. Instead, wash your bra by hand. Dissolve a mild detergent - preferably detergent for colored clothes - in warm water. Never leave your bra in the water, but wash it immediately. Avoid overdoing the detergent and never use fabric softener.

The fabric softener will close the fibers in the fabric. Also, never use a tumble dryer, but instead squeeze out the water before laying it out to dry. Never leave your bra or other underwear to dry in the sun, as this can cause the textiles to fade. Are you looking for a bra without an underwire but at the same time a bra with fantastic and unique comfort. Then the large selection of beautiful wireless bras from Sloggi is definitely worth looking a little extra. Buy your wireless bra from Sloggi on this page and feel how the individual bra surprises with its soft material on the bare skin.