Sloggi Zero Feel

Large selection of Sloggi Zero Feel bras and panties

Sloggi Zero Feel is comfortable lingerie for you who are tired of uncomfortable underwires, annoying elastics and underwear that bothers and scratches. Here you get optimal support and comfort all day long, and the series has a timeless and simple design that you will love to wear throughout the day. When you buy underwear from the Zero Feel series from Sloggi, you get products that are pampered with delicious and soft materials that feel great against the skin. You are therefore always guaranteed good comfort when you buy Sloggi Zero Feel. We also have a large selection of Sloggi Zero Feel Bralettes.

Fill your underwear drawer with soft and comfortable underwear from Sloggi Zero Feel. The series is made in uncompromising quality and has an underwire and seamless design that adapts to your body and gives you exactly the support you need. Underwire bras are some of the most comfortable underwear for women available. When you pair them with a pair of seamless panties at the same time, you have the perfect combination if you value feeling good and feeling comfortably dressed deep down. With Sloggi Zero Feel, you don't get pressure and scratch marks, and there are no annoying and stiff metal braces or elastics that tighten. Sloggi Zero Feel adapts to your shape and fits perfectly under a t-shirt for everyday life or under a dress for a festive event. The bras are available in different cuts and the panties in several models, so you can find the set that best suits your style and your needs.

How do seamless panties from Sloggi Zero Feel?

Sloggi Zero Feel seamless panties are super light, soft and well-fitting, and they come in several different models, so you can definitely find one or more pairs that you will love to wear inside. The seamless Zero Feel panties, which are available in string, tai, hips and shorts models, will be without seams and completely without any kind of seam, which tightens and cuts in the middle of the ball. The seamless panties mold to your shape and give a natural look. Sloggi Zero Feel panties are a must have in the wardrobe. It's always nice to have a pair of knickers for the tight-fitting party dress, or for when you just need to feel comfortable in everyday life.

What is Sloggi Zero Feel OEKO-TEX?

Sloggi Zero Feel gives you support without forcing your body into a certain shape. Zero Feel fits the body and adapts to your female forms. Without seams, the seamless panties are invisible under the clothes, and at the same time you get full freedom of movement, as the fabric follows your movements and snuggles up to the body due to the fantastic and soft materials. In Sloggi's range you will find, among other things, Zero modal, made of 75% modal and 25% elastane, which are light and comfortable briefs.

You can find the panties in the basic colors black, white and skin-colored in the sizes XS-XL. The Sloggi Zero Feel models also have the OEKO-TEX environmental label, which is a certification within textiles. Products with the OEKO-TEX label are sustainably produced and are also tested for various substances harmful to health and the environment.

Large selection of Sloggi Zero Feel offers online

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