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With panties from the popular underwear brand Sloggi, you get a pair of beautiful panties with a unique and fantastic fit. On this page you will find a wide selection of many different panties from Sloggi - e.g. Double Comfort, Zero Feel, Hipsters and cotton panties. When choosing a pair of panties from Sloggi, comfort and fit are extremely important things that you must not forget. This applies whether you are looking for a tai panty, a string panty or one of the many shorts models from the brand Sloggi.

The good fit is the biggest reason why your new panties will be a success. So make sure you choose the right model so you don't regret your purchase after a short time. All the smart panties from Sloggi are designed in beautiful muted and natural colours, and therefore suit women well. This also applies regardless of the woman's age. The well-known brand knows before age. Every single panty from Sloggi is produced in super delicious materials that let the skin breathe and feel absolutely perfect on your bare skin.

Are Sloggi panties a true classic?

The panties from Sloggi have become a must have for many women all over the world. The panties have almost also become an icon for the well-known and recognized underwear brand. Sloggi was created back in 1979, as an offshoot of the well-known underwear brand Triumph. Ever since then, the Sloggi brand has delivered underwear and especially nice panties in a very high and fine quality, for which both underwear brands have become widely known.

How do Sloggi panties fit?

For Sloggi, fit and comfort are the biggest and most important element in all the products they have created over time. That's why you always feel very comfortable when you wear a pair of panties from Sloggi. Many of the fantastic panties from Sloggi are seamless, which means that you can easily wear the panties under a tight skirt or a beautiful dress without being seen. The seamless panties also mean that there are no seams to chafe at your bare skin. Especially if you're wearing your favorite tight jeans.

Fashionable panties

Sloggi is a very popular brand within underwear. And Sloggi continuously creates new, innovative and modern underwear of super good quality. The colors are beautiful and subdued and testify to a natural and graceful style, which is to the taste of many women. In Sloggi's increasingly large range of delicious panties, you will find many different types. Both the short panties but also those that are completely long with long legs. The large and wide selection is probably also the reason why the very popular brand is one of the most popular underwear brands worldwide. And even loved by women of all ages. The materials in Sloggi's many panties range widely, from a soft and comfortable warm cotton to a brief in light microfibre, which snuggles up to the skin. If you are looking for panties in fantastic quality and with an unrivaled fit, but also a very wide selection, then Sloggi's large selection of panties is definitely worth considering.

Sloggi's panties need to be washed differently, and here are it is the quality of the material in the individual panties, which is important for how you should wash. The long, soft panties can withstand being washed in boiling water at 95 degrees, while the lighter materials such as elastane and polyester cannot withstand the very hot temperatures. A good rule to remember is to always check the washing instructions, which are often included when you buy a product from Sloggi. Buy your Sloggi panties from us and feel the joy of dressing in the beautiful panties that always feel comfortable. your bare skin, no matter what you do.