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Sloggi Tops for every taste

With a beautiful top from Sloggi you get a beautiful top in a wonderful quality. With us you will find a wide selection of beautiful tops from the very popular brand. In Sloggi's large range of beautiful tops, quality and fit are the most important and most important elements. This applies to all collections, including the models of tops. Through all their products, Sloggi always manages to put you in the front row. Which means that you will feel comfortable every single day when you wear a top from the renowned brand Sloggi. All tops are produced in the same good quality as the rest of the many products that Sloggi has designed over time. All with the well-known good fit that the brand is known for, among other things.

An offshoot of Triumph

Sloggi has been the favorite underwear brand among many women all over the world since the beginning in 1979. The same applies to the large selection of beautiful tops. Sloggi originates from the renowned underwear brand Triumph, which is as much loved by women all over the world as Sloggi. Especially for its good fit and modern and innovative design.

The very fine and feminine tops from Sloggi are all developed to give your breasts the absolute best fit and support. But is also created to give you the feeling of luxury and well-being, no matter what you do. Use the beautiful tops for everyday use or even use them for sports. Shop fx Zero Feel toppe her.

Sloggi comes in many different models

Sloggi has designed a wide range of tops in many different models. The tops are either with wide or with narrow straps. Low-cut or with a high neck. What the many tops have in common is that they have each been developed to give you absolutely perfect and unrivaled comfort, which is also the primary characteristic of the well-known brand. The fine tops from Sloggi are all made of delicious materials such as cotton, polyamide and polyester. Materials that ensure a soft and comfortable feeling on your bare skin. Most tops from Sloggi are seamless and are produced in light stretch, which helps to give you total freedom of movement.

Under each breast of the simple top there is an encapsulated extra support. The support is very comfortable and ensures that you will not feel that your breasts are falling out. Instead, this support helps shape the chest in place in the top, so you feel comfortable. A top from Sloggi can be used as bras, but it can also be used for other purposes. The top can keep you warm, or be used as a smart part of your look. How you wear your top is of course up to you. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable when you wear your top from Sloggi.

Many of the beautiful tops from Sloggi are designed with a wide back piece. The back piece helps to ensure that the top does not start to slide up your back during the day. It also helps to ensure a very pleasant wearing comfort. A perfect hold is created around the entire body, which helps to support and lift the chest. With the help of the wide back piece, you will not feel a heavy feeling, but rather a total support of your chest. Are you looking for a top in Sloggi's fantastic quality and fit? So take a look at the large selection on this page. Here you will find many different types of tops. All in fine qualities and designed in modern colors and patterns that are guaranteed to appeal to many. Buy your top from Sloggi on this page and get a top that both feels comfortable to wear, also when it applies to each only day.