Sloggi bodystocking

Large selection of Sloggi bodystockings

Bodystockings are hot, and this also applies to the many different beautiful models from the popular brand Sloggi. With a body stocking from Sloggi, you get a body that sits beautifully and elegantly on your body. On this page you will find a wide selection of elegant bodystockings. At Sloggi, your well-being is the focus, which is why Sloggi has created all kinds of delicious bodystockings, which are all designed in super beautiful materials. All have the same fantastic comfort and fit that you find in many other products from the very popular brand.

A beautiful bodystocking from Sloggi

A bodystocking is beautiful and elegant, and does not need to be confused with naughty underwear. A bodystocking is the perfect addition to the rest of your outfit. Both for everyday life, parties and as different and luxurious underwear. Many women associate a bodystocking with cheeky and seductive underwear, which is only worn on very special occasions. But in fact, a bodystocking does not only need to be used when you want to pamper someone you care about a lot. A bodystocking is elegant. If the quality is as good as a bodystocking from Sloggi, then you will easily be tempted to wear it almost every day.

What characterizes a bodystocking is that it is closed at the bottom with the help of some small buttons. The buttons make it easy for you to open the bodysuit, which is very practical, for example, in connection with a visit to the toilet. Sloggi has designed a multitude of beautiful and simple bodystockings, all of which are produced in the same quality as the rest of all the wonderful products Sloggi has produced over time. Among the selection you will find bodystockings which are both completely simple, without a single detail, but also bodystockings which are finely decorated with small sweet feminine lace.

Can Sloggi shape?

With some of Sloggi's many elegant bodystockings, there is the very popular shapewear effect. The beautiful bodystocking models from Sloggi are all created in fantastic materials, which snuggle up to the body in a very comfortable way. You get full freedom of movement as the fabric follows your every move.

The beautiful bodystockings are designed without seams, which means they can easily be worn under a tight skirt or under a pair of your favorite jeans. Without getting in the way during the day. What most bodysuits from Sloggi have in common is that they are labeled with OEKO-TEX, which means that the individual bodysuit has undergone sustainable production, and therefore have been tested for various substances harmful to health and the environment.

Take care of your body

A beautiful bodystocking from Sloggi is worth taking good care of. If you treat it in the right way, you can also enjoy it for a very long time. If you are in doubt about how to do it, here are some tips that are good to follow if you want to keep your delicious bodystocking nice and elastic. When you have to wash your bodystocking, it is recommended as always read the washing instructions. Always hand wash your body stocking, especially if it contains an underwire. Before washing your bodystocking, it is a good idea to dissolve the detergent in warm water.

If your bodystocking is white, it is probably dyed white. Therefore, always make sure to use detergent for colored clothes, preferably for wool. Wool wash is more gentle on the fine materials. Never use fabric softener. Fabric softener closes the fibers in the fabric. Also never use the tumble dryer and avoid wringing your bodystocking dry. Never let your Sloggi bodystocking dry in the direct sun, as this can cause discolouration. Buy your beautiful bodystocking from Sloggi from us and feel how the fine materials snuggle comfortably around your body.