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With a Sloggi undershirt you get a top in a wonderful quality that feels comfortable against the skin. On this page you will find a wide selection of beautiful undershirts with both long and short sleeves from the popular lingerie brand. All Sloggi undershirts are produced in the same good quality and with the well-known good fit, which is characteristic of the brand's many products. Through all their products, Sloggi manages to put their customers in the front row, which benefits you when you wear an undershirt from the renowned brand. Take a look at this page and find your favorite top from Sloggi.

For many years, Sloggi has designed undershirts in various models and designs. The undershirts are either with wide or narrow straps, low neck or high neck, with long or short sleeves. What the many undershirts have in common is that they have each been developed to give you unparalleled comfort, which is the primary characteristic of the well-known brand. The undershirts from Sloggi are all made of delicious materials such as cotton, lyocell and wool. Materials that ensure a soft and comfortable feeling on your bare skin. Buy your Sloggi undershirt here at Netlingeri and get a top that feels comfortable to wear for any occasion.

Solid colored undershirts in comfortable materials

Undershirts are the perfect base garment and work under almost any outfit. In addition, there is nothing nicer than pulling on an undershirt that just sits as it should, and where the icing on the cake is that you can hardly feel that you are wearing it. All our Sloggi undershirts are produced in good quality materials, which makes them super comfortable to wear.

Update the wardrobe with an essential undershirt from Sloggi. Whether it's summer or winter, a plain colored undershirt is a must have in every woman's wardrobe. During the cooler months, a long-sleeved undershirt is essential. Use it under a woolly knit sweater, or as an extra warm layer under your clothes. A long-sleeved Sloggi undershirt is also a good choice to wear under a vest or cardigan. The simple basic undershirts with long sleeves, short sleeves or straps are not only reserved under dresses and jackets, but can also be used as part of the overall outfit.

Use your Sloggi undershirt all year round and for all occasions

You can use an undershirt from Sloggi all year round, as it is breathable if you are warm, and at the same time gives you warmth if it is is cold. An undershirt is comfortable on the body and the possibilities for composition are many. Precisely for this reason, there are many women who cannot do without one or more undershirts as part of their wardrobe.

For example, use a Sloggi undershirt on its own with a pair of shorts or a skirt when it's warm or use it as an inner layer under other clothes when it's cold. Many also choose to use it to sleep in. When we buy lingerie for the webshop, quality and comfort are important things. This of course also applies to our Sloggi undershirt category. We therefore only go for the best materials when we choose underwear from the popular brand.

Find your next undershirt from Sloggi online

Are you looking for an undershirt in Sloggi's fantastic quality and fit? So take a look at the large selection that you will find on this page. Here you will find many different undershirts, all of which are of fine quality and designed in classic and modern colours. When you buy underwear and lingerie from us, you always get fast delivery and cheap shipping. If you have questions about our range of Sloggi undershirts, need help finding the right size or other questions about our lingerie selection, you are always welcome to contact our customer service on phone 41 40 75 00 or send an email to