Missya panties

Missya knickers

With a pair of knickers from the Danish brand Missya, you get a beautiful knicker that sits comfortably on your butt all day long. On this page you will find a large selection of different beautiful panties from the Danish brand Missya.

When you have to choose your new panties from Missya, fit and material are two important things that you must not forget. Whether it's a tai panty, a hipster model or a thong. A good fit is the reason for whether your panties will be a success or not.

All panties from Missya are designed in muted, natural, beautiful colors that fit well into every woman's wardrobe. Every single panty is produced in good materials, which all feel very comfortable on the body, and which you will therefore probably never get rid of again once you have tried a pair.

Missya is a Danish underwear brand

Missya is a Danish underwear brand that started in 2003, and ever since then the Danish brand has been popular. Danish Missya develops beautiful and fashionable underwear for the modern and price-conscious woman who always wants to be part of the latest fashion. Also when it comes to her underwear.

All the panties from the Danish brand are all produced in beautiful materials that are of good quality. The colors are subdued and so is the adorable design, which bears witness to notes from the Nordic style and romance. It's panties with small fine details that make all the difference and make you fall for them straight away.

You can never have enough panties, not even the many different models from Danish Missya. Among the many different panties you will find, among other things, tai panties, hipster and thong. The many different panties are all beautifully decorated with different decorations in different shades. Most have beautiful feminine lace that gives the individual panties a sensual and romantic look.

Are you therefore looking for a beautiful panties that won't break your budget. Even a panty that you know is designed to be with the latest fashion and trends. Then there is a panty from the Danish brand Missya, a panty which is definitely worth looking into.

Wash your Missya panties with care

Have you gone and stayed quite fond of the panties from the Danish brand Missya, then you are probably also interested in keeping them for a long time. In order for them to maintain their fit and good quality, it is therefore important that you treat them properly.

Knickers, like so many other things, need to be washed once in a while. But remember that they cannot be washed together with your jeans or your towels. Wash them instead on a gentle program in the washing machine. Use a mild detergent, possibly for wool, and make sure to find one suitable for colored clothes. If your panties are white, they are most often dyed white, so detergent for colored clothes. Avoid fabric softener as it will destroy the fibers in the fabric.

When you need to dry your new panties, your tumble dryer is a very bad idea. Instead, wring your panties, but very gently, free of water, and finally hang them on the drying line.

Are you looking for a pair of nice panties, but preferably at an attractive price, which is also good on your wallet, the many beautiful panties from the Danish brand Missya are definitely worth checking out.

Buy your panties from Missya from us and get a panty that fits perfectly on your bum, too although it hasn't cost a fortune.