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Are you looking for underwear from the Danish underwear brand Missya and preferably underwear that is on sale. Then on this page you can find many different products on offer from the Danish brand. You will find, among other things, many different types of panties, cute babydolls and beautiful bras, all of which are from the popular Danish underwear brand.

Danish Missya is underwear for the price-conscious woman who loves fashion and therefore always likes to be first with all the new. It is underwear that is always produced in nice materials and good quality. Underwear that is designed to sit comfortably on the body.

Are you, like so many other women, often looking for the good deals. Are you looking for nice underwear, nice tops, nice nightwear or a nice babydoll. With us you can find all the discontinued items from the Danish brand Missya, just at a slightly lower price.

Missya on sale

In our sale category you will find all the discontinued products and campaigns from the Danish brand Missya. In the big sale you will find, among other things, lingerie, different bras, panties and different beautiful tops.

In order for the Danish brand Missya to be able to constantly develop new products, it is necessary all the time to develop new collections. This naturally means that there will always be a natural replacement in Missya's many collections.

Sale is many things, and many people associate a sale with many cheap items that no one wants to have. However, that is not entirely true, because you can often find many beautiful things on sale.

This also applies to the many fine products from the Danish brand Missya.

Are you looking for something new delicious underwear, a new feminine top with lace or cheeky lingerie. With us you will find many different designs from Missya. Designs that are all from previous seasons, which is exactly why these products are slightly cheaper than the latest products from the Danish brand.

Wash with care

Even if you have bought your new underwear or your new top on sale, you can be just as happy with it as if you had bought it at the normal price. If you want to keep it, it is therefore a good idea to wash it in a gentle way.

Have you gone and been very happy with your new products from Missya. In order to maintain the good fit and the good quality of the products, it is very important that you treat them properly.

Your panties and bras, like so many other things, need to be washed once in a while. But always remember that they cannot be washed together with your jeans. Wash them instead on a gentle cycle or by hand. Make sure you use a mild detergent, possibly for wool, and make sure you find one that is good for colored clothes. If your panties are white, they are guaranteed to be dyed white, so detergent for colored clothes. Never use fabric softener as it will destroy the fibers in the fabric.

When you need to dry your new panties or bra, the tumbler is a very bad idea to use. Instead, wring your panties gently, free of water, and finally hang them on the drying line, but never in the direct sun.

Are you looking for a pair of nice panties, but preferably at an attractive price? , which is also good for your wallet, the many beautiful panties from the Danish brand Missya are definitely worth looking at.

Are you looking for a nice bra, a nice top or a beautiful bra from the Danish brand Missya. But is the latest fashion not the most important thing for you. So take a look at the Missya sale on this page and find your new nightwear, your new underwire bra or your new smart bikini in the middle of all the wonderful products from the Danish brand.