Missya bikini

Missya bikini

With a bikini from the Danish brand Missya, you get a bikini that is guaranteed to attract attention. Every single bikini from the Danish brand Missya is designed in fashionable colors at a price that allows everyone to join. On this page you can find a large selection of the beautiful bikinis from the fashionable brand Missya.

If you are going to the beach or the swimming pool, it is important to wear a bikini that you feel good in. fit in. It is important that it suits you and that it manages to emphasize the sides of you that you want. This applies regardless of whether you are under or above the water. All bikinis from Missya are produced in beautiful materials that ensure good and pleasant comfort. Every single day.

The Danish underwear brand Missya started back in 2003 and has since created beautiful feminine underwear and swimwear at attractive prices where everyone can join in.

Woman love your shapes

Like many other women, don't you also love to jump into the little bikini as soon as summer shows itself from the good side. Not all women are 100 per cent ready to jump into the little bikini, and for many it can almost feel a bit borderline-crossing. However, it doesn't have to be that way, and with the many beautiful bikinis from Missya, there is probably one that fits you perfectly.

Finding the perfect bikini is really about finding out which one kind of bikini that suits you exactly. And then it's all about finding a bikini that suits your body type best.

Missya has designed a wide range of beautiful bikinis all with an eye to highlighting the best in you. A high-waisted bikini, for example, is good for supporting your stomach. It also has a firming effect, so you get a great posture when you wear it. If you need your thighs to look a little slimmer, you should go for a bikini that sits high above your hips.

Full hips and a full rear are nice, but do you want it all to show slightly narrower, you should choose a bikini that is cut high. The bikini will make your legs look longer. If possible, go for the bikinis from Missya that have vertical stripes or nice patterns, this makes your butt appear narrower.

How to keep your Missya bikini looking good

When you have found the perfect bikini, you probably also want to keep the beautiful colors and the wonderful fit. It is therefore important that you wash the bikini in the right way. If you avoid taking the special precautions, your bikini will lose the color and elasticity of the fabric.

If you have been in the sea or the pool, it is important to spend some time rinsing the chlorine and salt off your bikini. Both chlorine and salt water are harsh conditions for your bikini, and wear down the fibre-rich materials. Often at many pools and beaches, small showers are set up where you can quickly rinse off both chlorine and salt water. If not, you have to wait until you get home.

If you use sunscreen when you go out in the sun, this can also be a tough diet for your bikini. Instead, make sure you apply sunscreen before putting on your bikini. When you wash your bikini, wash the bikini on a gentle program in the washing machine, and use a mild detergent preferably for colored clothes.

Buy your beautiful new bikini from Missya with us and get a bikini that highlights it all the best to you.