Missya lingerie

Missya lingerie

With lingerie from the Danish underwear brand Missya, you get beautiful lingerie in a beautiful design, at attractive prices where everyone can join. With us you will find a wide range of very different lingerie from Missya, all in good qualities.

When you have to start finding your new lingerie, fit and quality are two good things that you always should have in mind. With the right fit that fits you perfectly, the beautiful lingerie from Missya will highlight exactly the things about you that you want to highlight.

All lingerie from Missya is produced in good and soft qualities, which are fine balances between good comfort, natural fit and beautiful design.

Be seduced by Missya

Lingerie is sassy and seductive, this also applies to what you find from Missya. Lingerie is different underwear with that little touch of luxury and glamour. With the beautiful lingerie from the Danish brand Missya, you are guaranteed to feel both seductive, cheeky and a little more desirable.

Lingerie is often associated with the completely quiet evenings, where there is often a little more space and time for each other. But it doesn't have to be that way. Because beautiful lingerie can also help make the busy everyday life a little more fun, even on a late Monday night.

For many women, it can be difficult to find the perfect lingerie. It also takes time to find just the right thing, and time is often the culprit when women need to find the perfect match. Lingerie requires you to find the right size and with the perfect fit.

The fit should ideally make you shine, and make you feel sexy and desirable. With Missya's many beautiful lingeries, you can definitely find lingerie that beautifully highlights all your female forms.

Do you want to keep your lingerie as beautiful as when you bought it?

Perhaps you have already now finally found your perfect lingerie. And of course you also want to keep it nice. You can keep your lingerie beautiful for a long time, well and marked if you treat it well and in the right way. If you are in doubt about how to do it, here is a little guide.

Always follow the washing instructions when you start washing your new lingerie. Always hand wash it, especially if your lingerie includes an underwire. Before you start washing your lingerie, it is a very good idea to first dissolve the detergent in the warm water. Never leave your lingerie to soak, but instead wash it immediately.

White lingerie is colored white, and this means that you must always use detergent for colored clothes when you wash it. Be sure to use a mild detergent, for example one designed for washing wool. Wool washing is more gentle on the fine materials. Avoid overdoing the detergent, and avoid using fabric softener for your lingerie altogether. The fabric softener will close the small fibers in the fabric, which means that the fabric cannot breathe.

Never use the tumble dryer when drying your lingerie, and always avoid wringing it dry. You can advantageously dab the water out instead. Also, never hang your clean lingerie in the direct sun.

If you are looking for beautiful and modern lingerie at attractive prices, then the many different models from Danish Missya are definitely worth a look.

Buy your lingerie from the Danish underwear brand Missya with us and be seduced by the many beautiful models that the brand has created since 2003.