Missya bra

Missya bra

With a beautiful bra from Missya, you get a high-quality bra with a super good fit. With us, you will find many different types of bras, all of which are made from fantastic materials and all of which have a unique comfort and wearability.

When you need to find your next bra, it is important that it fits you completely.. A bra must sit well on your breasts, and then it must be able to lift and support all the right places.

All the fine bras from Missya are produced in wonderful qualities that give you a super good feeling, both on your bare skin but also on your body.

A perfect fit from Missya

Since 2003, the Danish brand Missya has created beautiful bras, where a beautiful fit , adorable little details and an affordable price, have always been the primary focus area. At Danish Missya, everyone has to be included, and precisely for this simple reason, the many bras are also not bras that will topple your budget or wallet.

Missya is Danish design with a beautiful fit, wonderful small details and at a price that can tempt anyone. It is a bra for the fashion-conscious woman, for whom fashion is an absolute must. This also applies to the underwear.

All breasts are different

No two breasts are the same, and this does not apply to bras either. Missya's many bras have all been developed to give you the right support, and if you invest in one, you won't be disappointed either.

With us you will find many different beautiful bras, all of which can do something different. They can shape, support and lift your bust, so you get exactly the result you're looking for. Among the many different bras, you will find, among other things, bras with push-up effect, strapless bras, without underwire and with underwire.

All the beautiful bras are produced in beautiful materials that feel nice to wear, even also a whole day. They are beautifully designed, either with beautiful feminine lace or without any details at all. In other words, among Missya's many bras, there are beautiful bras that match every taste and style. Probably yours too.

Are you using the right Missya bra?

When there are so many bras like those from Missya, it can be really difficult to choose the right one. Bra size is of course extremely important, and so is fit and style. Which style you choose can only be up to you, but it is important that you choose the right size for your new bra.

Comfort is alpha and omega, and your new bra must therefore fit so perfectly as it is possible. The straps must not be too tight, nor the circumference of your bra as this is where your primary support is found. If this is too tight, your bra will just as slowly slide up your back.

Always make sure to try on different bras. That way, you can be absolutely sure that your new bra is the one that suits you the best and gives your breasts the perfect support.

The Missya bra can also be old

It might sound a bit strange. But your Missya bra can actually get too old. As a rule, the rule of thumb is that it can last for approx. 8 months. After this, the elasticity in your bra disappears just as quietly. And if your bra has small cute laces, these will gradually become boring to look at as the bra gets older.

Buy your Missya bra from us and get a beautiful bra with perfect fit and support. And even at a price you don't feel ruined by.