Mey lingerie

Mey lingerie

With lingerie from the German brand Mey, you are guaranteed delicious lingerie with a super good fit made of beautiful materials. On this page, you will find a wide selection of beautiful and seductive lingerie from Mey, which has been created for the fashion-conscious woman.

All lingerie from Mey is designed and produced in delicious, seductive materials that all feel very comfortable on the body. The beautiful lingerie has a natural expression with elegant small details in every single part.

German Mey is the creme de la creme when it comes to lingerie, and the renowned brand does not compromise on anything either. Neither the beautiful materials that are characteristic of the brand, the elegant expression or the beautiful natural colours..

Be seduced by the beautiful lingerie from Mey

The German brand Mey was created way back in 1928. Since then, the German underwear brand has managed to follow fashion and the many different trends of the time. The use of beautiful sought-after materials means that the brand is today a recognized brand within beautiful and seductive lingerie, where nothing is left to chance.

Beautiful lingerie is both elegant, beautiful and very seductive. It is delicious underwear in the luxury class but with a touch of real glamour. This also applies to the beautiful lingerie from Mey. The lingerie is designed in beautiful innovative designs and natural colours, all of which tempt fashion-conscious women of all ages.

Beautiful lingerie makes you feel like something really special, even on an ordinary Monday. Beautiful lingerie doesn't just have to belong to special occasions. Wear your lingerie on a normal Monday, instead of your normal panties and bra, and put a bit of color on the more or less exciting weekdays.

At first glance, lingerie may sound like underwear that may well be difficult to find. If you are looking for lingerie, it is therefore also a good idea to spend a lot of time finding the right one. Size is important and so is fit and material. If you have these few things in place, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the beautiful lingerie from the German brand Mey.

Sustainable lingerie from Mey pampers your senses

Social For the German brand, responsibility and sustainable production are important elements in their underwear production. We all have to take responsibility for our shared world, and the German underwear company has managed to do that. At Mey, environmentally friendly production of all collections is a top priority. All lingerie from Mey is labeled with the bluesign® product, which is a guarantee that the strict ecological criteria are met.

Your new Mey lingerie must be treated properly

Expensive lingerie will You probably want to take good care. Also the delicious lingerie from Mey. Lingerie requires you to take good care of it, so that it remains beautiful for a long time. When you wash your lingerie, you must never put it in the washing machine. A washing machine destroys the small fibers that are in the material your lingerie is made of. Wash your lingerie by hand instead, it is a gentler way and is not nearly as harsh on your lingerie.

Avoid overdoing the detergent and never use fabric softener for your lingerie. A fabric softener, unlike the washing machine, will close the small fibers. When you need to dry your lingerie from Mey, you must also never use a tumble dryer. Rather, soak your lingerie free of water before you hang it up to dry, but never in the direct sun.

Buy your new Mey lingerie from us and be interrogated by the many different lingerie models from the German underwear brand Mey. Mey is lingerie created with German thoroughness and high standards, and this can be seen in all products that come from there.