Mey panties

Large selection of Mey panties

With knickers from the renowned German brand Mey, you are sure to get a knicker that fits your butt like it was made. On this page you will find a wide selection of delicious panties in various natural colors and shapes, all of which are produced from the finest materials. When you have to choose your new panties, there are 2 important things in particular that you must always keep in mind. Comfort and fit. The panties must of course feel comfortable to wear, and the appearance is also quite important. All knickers from German Mey are produced in delicious, high-quality materials. In addition to the very high quality and high standards, the knickers from Mey are developed under special environmentally friendly conditions. German Mey has made sustainable production and social responsibility their way of life. Which also means that the underwear is only produced in European factories.

Mey is perfect, high-quality panties

Mey equals perfect products for the fashion-conscious woman. This also applies to Mey's large selection of beautiful panties. Panties that all exude German quality and high standards. The panties from Mey are created with a fantastic fit, which sits incredibly well on the body.

Many women can quickly agree that you can never have too many panties. Nor the delicious panties from Mey. Among the wonderful selection you can find many different models. Among other things, tai, maxi and pants. Mey's many different panties are all produced in the finest materials. This ensures you a panty that is guaranteed to never disappoint you.

Lune Mey knickers for the cold winter months

With a pair of knickers from Mey, you are guaranteed a knicker that will keep you warm even on cold days. The panties are designed to sit incredibly comfortably. The panties from Mey are all produced in different materials, and therefore also some for the cold months.

Mey's panties take responsibility

In time there are many who have opened their eyes to how important it is to take good care of nature. This also applies to a large extent to the fashion industry. Mey has taken that responsibility, and has therefore made social responsibility and sustainable production their way of life. Here, environmentally friendly production has the first priority.

In order to keep an eye on all production processes, Mey's underwear is only produced in European factories. The briefs are all bluesign® certified. This means that the product has been produced under sustainable textile production. It also ensures that the product is checked for environmentally friendly and safe production. If you choose a panty from the German underwear brand, you can be sure that they are all produced under fine ecological conditions.

Wash the Mey panties with care

The panties from Mey are produced in different materials, and consist, among other things, of soft merino wool and the finest silk. Because of these materials, you have to wash the panties in a different way than you are used to. You may wash the panties in the machine, but always make sure you wash them at low temperatures. Merino wool and silk cannot withstand the 60 degrees that are otherwise recommended for underwear. As a detergent, you should always use a product that is suitable for wool, but also silk. Detergent intended for wool can be used for both materials. You should always avoid detergents with bleach and optical white, and never use fabric softener. Fabric softener closes the small fibers in the material.

When you need to dry your wool and silk panties after washing, you must never use a tumble dryer. Instead, let your panties air dry, so they retain the good fit. Buy your Mey panties from us and feel how the high quality of the material gives you the feeling of well-being in the luxury class.