Mey tops

Large selection of Mey tops

With a beautiful top from German Mey you get a delicious top in genuine German quality. German quality and high standards are, among other things, the hallmarks of the German brand. On this page you will find a large selection of many wonderful different tops from the renowned brand Mey. When choosing a top, fit and comfort are two very important points you shouldn't ignore.

They are important and therefore you should always take them into consideration when you have to choose. What the beautiful tops from Mey have in common is that they are all produced in delicious, high-quality materials. Among other things, you can find beautiful and feminine tops in soft merino wool and real silk. Mey knows how to put you at the center, and it must be said that they do. With the many beautiful tops in the well-known German quality and standard, you are guaranteed to never be disappointed with your new top.

Soft Mey tops at all times

Tops are a must have for many women. They simply belong in every woman's wardrobe. Many women wear tops, both on a daily basis but also for all kinds of festive occasions, and for good reason. A top brings many good things with it. It is warm, especially on the cool winter days. However, it does not need to be used only to keep you warm, as many people think. A beautiful top can be worn under the silk shirt, with your favorite jeans or with a beautiful feminine skirt. It's up to you and what suits your taste. With the beautiful tops from Mey, you are guaranteed a sublime fit and comfort that lasts all day. Also when you go to a party.

Among the beautiful tops from Mey you will find different materials. Among other things merino wool and real silk. In some tops from Mey, silk and merino wool are mixed together in the same product. This helps to give the top the best feeling against the bare skin, and give the top a quality that is out of the ordinary. The fine tops from the German brand have the very unique property of directing liquids away. from the body. This means that if you sweat in your top from Mey, the innovative materials will direct the sweat away from your body.

The tops from German Mey take responsibility

Sustainability is on everyone's lips today. Of course, this is also with good reason. This also applies to a large extent in fashion. The German underwear company Mey has therefore made social responsibility and sustainable production their way of life. At the brand, environmentally friendly production has first priority. If you therefore buy a top from the recognized brand, you can be sure that it has been produced under fine ecological conditions, with consideration for our common nature.

Wash your Mey top carefully

Mey's tops are all produced in the finest qualities, and you must take care of them. This also applies when you wash your top. If your top is made of merino wool, it is extremely important that you keep an eye on this when washing. Merino wool is easy to clean and, due to its antibacterial properties, rarely requires washing. However, it can still be nice to wash the top, especially if you use it often. Wash your Mey top on a gentle wash cycle. Never dry it in the dryer.

Also never use fabric softener or bleach for your tops. All tops from German Mey are all created with the well-known German thoroughness and high standards. Which can be seen in all products that come from Mey. Here, nothing is left to chance, and everything is thought through down to the smallest detail. This applies to all the products that the company has developed since its inception in 1928. Buy your new top from German Mey from us and feel the German quality, thoroughness and high standard that characterizes the recognized and environmentally conscious brand.