Mey bra

Large selection of Mey bras

With a bra from Mey, you get a bra that gives you maximum well-being regardless of the type of bra you choose. On this page you will find a good selection of beautiful bras from Mey which, like the rest of their wonderful range, are soft and comfortable to wear on the body. When you have to choose a bra that you will be happy with, it is always important that you choose a bra that suits you. The size is particularly important here, as it will determine whether the bra will sit well on your breasts. The bras from Mey are all produced in soft, delicious materials, which all feel very comfortable. on the bare skin. The bras are all designed to give you the best comfort and fit, so you can feel good every single day you wear a Mey bra.

Mey bra is sensuality and comfort in perfect union

Mey is well-being and this can be felt in all the delicious products the German underwear brand has developed over time. Here, sensuality and comfort are mixed together in a beautiful union, which you will benefit from when you try one of their beautiful bras. The German underwear brand was founded way back in 1928 by Franz Mey. From which the brand's fine name also arose.

Mey has ever since been characterized by German quality down to the smallest details in every single piece of underwear. Ever since the start in 1928, the brand has developed classic and beautiful underwear, always with an eye to it being both innovative and modern. Mey is classic underwear. Yet always with an innovative approach to the product they are developing. For this reason alone, German Mey has become known for their beautiful bras that combine functionality with appealing, elegant, innovative design. All bras from Mey have a great fit and a very long shelf life.

German Mey suits your everyday life

Every day requires a beautiful and comfortable bra that you can feel comfortable in. This applies both at work, when you have time off and for all the festive occasions you go to once in a while. Mey's beautiful bras are suitable for all occasions, both everyday and party. Each bra is designed to fit perfectly on the body. They are all produced from delicious raw materials that give a comfortable and natural feeling on the skin.

Many women often forget how important it is to wear a good quality bra. They often skip where the fence is lowest, and just grab a random bra from the pile. But a good bra with a perfect fit can actually do wonders for your appearance and your confidence. A good bra supports your breasts and helps to shape and lift them, in exactly the right places, so that you get a nice and elegant posture.

Mey is social responsibility and sustainability

The German underwear brand Mey always likes to be at the forefront of their design, but also to bear a responsibility towards the world we live in. Therefore, social responsibility and sustainability are a large part of the brand's philosophy. Many of Mey's bras are therefore labeled as a bluesign product, which helps to guarantee that the product is produced according to strict ecological criteria.

Are you looking for a bra that fulfills your desire to be able to support your breasts in a nice and natural way, then a bra from German Mey is worth looking for. Buy your Mey bra from us and get a bra that combines the perfect fit with beautiful aesthetics and responsibility.