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At you will find a large selection of different Marie Jo bras. All the bras are of high quality, as Marie Jo is known for making beautiful lingerie in light materials and with a perfect fit. Large selection of Marie Jo bras from the series: Avero, Jane and Tom. Marie Jo is underwear designed in exclusive and beautiful materials. This is therefore also what you can expect when you buy one of the many beautiful bras designed by the Belgian brand. With us, you will find a large selection of beautiful bras, all of which are produced in exclusive, high-quality materials.

When choosing your bra, fit is one of the most important things that you are have to deal with. There is a big difference in which type of bra you choose, but the most important thing is that it fits comfortably. This is what all the beautiful bras from Marie Jo do. Marie Jo's wonderful selection of bras are all produced in exclusive, high-quality materials, which create the perfect support and lift for your breasts. No matter which one of the many bras you choose.

Why is Marie Jo the perfect fit?

Belgian Marie Jo has been creating beautiful and delicate bras since 1981 is where aesthetics, fit and small feminine details have always been the primary focus. Marie Jo is known worldwide for her beautiful exclusive designs, which combine the exclusive look with a perfect fit. This applies to each of the brand's many products. All women are naturally equipped with different breasts. The shape and size are therefore also very different and vary from woman to woman.

For this reason alone, there is a need for different bras which also have different fits. Marie Jo has designed beautiful bras that fit every single woman perfectly. In the wide range you will find both push-up, balconette and padded beautiful bras. Marie Jo is exclusive well-being. At the Belgian underwear brand, aesthetics and fit are a particularly important factor, also when it comes to the development of their beautiful bras. A bra that is beautifully made with lovely little details can make you feel extraordinary and sexy at the same time.

Is Marie Jo an everyday bra?

It is not only for parties or special occasions, you must wear a beautiful and delicious bra. It is also for everyday use. At work or when you're just at home. Remember that every single day is a party and that requires you to pamper yourself from the bottom to the bottom. Many women spend a long time finding the right clothes. This applies to the clothes at work, for the party and for the many other special occasions and events.

But they often forget the clothes that are at the very bottom - namely the underwear. Nice underwear can do wonders for your confidence and your appearance, even when you're around other people. A nice bra with the perfect fit makes you feel good about yourself. It can be clearly seen, regardless of which company you are in.

Your bra has an expiry date

It's not just food that has an expiry date, so does your bra. It may actually be too old. This is often seen by the elasticity of your bra disappearing. Perhaps you can even sense the small elastics which eventually start to break. If you have a bra that is decorated with small fine lace, you can see that as time goes by, they become boring and boring to look at. As a rule, a bra's lifespan is around 8 months.

Before that gets to that point, you can take a look around the large selection of exclusive bras from the Belgian underwear brand Marie Jo. Here you can find bras in many different sizes, colors and fits. So there is guaranteed to be one that suits you perfectly. Buy your Marie Jo bra from us and get a beautiful bra, where no effort has been spared on aesthetics, fit and cute little feminine details.

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