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Large selection of Marie Jo Jane underwear

If you are the type of woman who wants quality from the inside out, then our Marie Jo Jane selection is certainly just the thing for you. We carry a large selection of Marie Jo bras and Marie Jo panties. Shop, for example, exclusive underwear from the well-known Marie Jo series: Avero and Tom. Marie Jo is particularly known for their high technical quality, which provides a perfect fit and which creates the best fit.

It is therefore not without reason that Marie Jo Jane is the preferred choice of many women when it comes to new lingerie. Find your personal Jane favorites from Marie Jo on this page and feel the feeling of well-being when you wear lingerie from the Belgian underwear brand. Here at, we always have a large selection of delicious Marie Jo Jane underwear in many beautiful colors and designs at attractive prices.

Marie Jo Jane for the fashion- and quality-conscious woman

Marie Jo Jane is for the quality-conscious woman who does not compromise. Marie Jo Jane is particularly known for beautiful lingerie of high technical quality, which provides a perfect fit and which at the same time has a long shelf life.

The Belgian underwear brand has always been at the forefront of lingerie development and has created many of the things we take for granted in lingerie such as matching bra and panty, strap adjustment on the back instead of the front and collections with new and lightweight materials. Marie Jo is produced by Belgian Van de Velde, who started as a corset maker in 1919. In 1981, Marie Jo was launched as an independent brand, where their focus was to unite perfect fit and aesthetics.

The design classic Jane from Marie Jo

Marie Jo Jane is a true design classic for many women around the world. Jane is for you who love luxury and the latest models, while at the same time there are the classic colors which are constantly given a new twist, so you can keep the model you love and which fits your bust perfectly. At the same time, there is always fashionable news from Marie Jo Jane in the colors of the different seasons and the latest new designs. Marie Jo produces different models for the Jane collection within bras and of course corresponding panties also in many models such as String, Tai, hipster, midi and maxi.

Treat yourself with delicious lingerie from Marie Jo Jane

Marie Jo Jane is beautiful, functional and feminine lingerie. The popular series from the Belgian brand is aimed at the modern woman who appreciates beautiful lingerie, where fits and materials are absolutely top class. With underwear from our Marie Jo Jane category, you can pamper yourself with delicious materials, soft lace and all the fashionable colors. Among the many designs of bras and panties from Marie Jo Jane, many women around the world have found their personal favourites.

The design is hard to resist and the collection is both seductive, sexy and gives every woman the feeling of well-being. With lingerie from the Marie Jo Jane series, it is always possible to find a comfortable bra with a matching panty, which can be used both under your party dress and under your work clothes. The underwear is made of the best materials and has a fit that provides both support and just the right lift for your bust.

Marie Jo Jane – beautiful and feminine lingerie

Marie Jo is underwear for the quality-conscious woman who wants beautiful and functional lingerie that can be used for any occasion. With lingerie from Marie Jo, you are always guaranteed the perfect fit and underwear with a long lifespan. A popular favorite from Marie Jo is the beautiful Jane series. Marie Jo Jane is feminine lingerie that has beautiful lace and beautiful details on both the bra and panties. The bra is available both with and without padding in the cups, and can be used as a normal bra or made into a halter neck.

In addition, it is also available as a strapless bra, which will go well under a top or a dress with bare shoulders. All the models are usable and are available in several attractive color shades. You can also always find a pair of matching panties in several beautiful models from Marie Jo Jane. With Marie Jo Jane lingerie you will never go wrong in the city. There is control over everything from straps, stitching and material selection to closure devices. You therefore get underwear that is designed perfectly for you and your figure.

Shop exclusive Marie Jo Jane underwear and lingerie

If you are looking for Marie Jo Jane lingerie, then you have landed on the right page. Here on the webshop you will find a large selection of the well-known styles from the Belgian lingerie brand. We continuously update with the latest new styles, so you can always find fashionable underwear and lingerie from Marie Jo Jane here.

Underwear and lingerie from the popular brand is something that you will love to wear day after day. Discover the many smart and fashionable styles from Marie Jo, which you will find here at We will send your order within a few working days, so that you can use your newly purchased Jane underwear from Marie Jo as soon as possible.