Marie Jo bikini

Large selection of Marie Jo bikinis

With one of the many beautiful bikinis from Marie Jo, you are sure to get a bikini that highlights the best by you. On this page you will find a wide selection of beautiful bikinis from the exclusive brand Marie Jo. See also the selection of Marie Jo swimwear and swimsuits. When you're going on a trip to the beach or a trip to the swimming pool, it's important to wear a bikini that gives you confidence and unique comfort. It is important that you feel comfortable in your bikini and that it can keep what it promises. All the beautiful exclusive bikinis from Marie Jo have been developed to give you the best comfort and best fit, regardless which model you choose.

The perfect bikini

Since 1981, Marie Jo has designed delicious, stylish underwear with you at the center. Due to its great popularity, the Belgian brand also develops exclusive swimwear - including beautiful seductive bikinis. A bikini is beautiful and makes you feel sexy and feminine, even when you are lying on the beach on a warm and sunny summer day.

The exclusive bikinis from Marie Jo are all designed to give you the perfect radiance, whether you are swimming or lying on a sunbed surrounded by all the playful bathers. Marie Jo has designed a wide range of beautiful exclusive bikinis. All with different fits, colors and patterns. All models are developed to make every woman feel extraordinary, sensual and unique.

Woman love your beautiful forms

Women are created by nature in many different ways and each with their own unique appearance. However, not all women look forward to jumping into the little bikini every summer. But finding the perfect bikini is honestly just about knowing which kind suits your body type best. Marie Jo has produced beautiful and luxurious bikinis for women with different shapes.

If you have broad shoulders, it's all about finding a beautiful bikini in great colors or with different beautiful patterns that can draw the eye to the waist. If you have a round belly and round shapes, you should choose a bikini that is high-waisted. A high-waisted bottom looks firming, and it also supports your stomach. The high-waisted bikini will also make your legs appear longer than they actually are. In particular, go for a bikini that is designed with vertical stripes, it will make your bottom appear narrower.

How do you wash your new bikini?

If you have bought a beautiful bikini from Marie Jo, you will definitely want to take good care of it. When you wash it, it is therefore important that you treat it good from the start. Precisely to preserve the beautiful color and the perfect fit. If you are not careful, and perhaps just put it in the washing machine, you risk damaging the fibers found in the fabric. If you take care of your skin in the sun, as you should in any case, you are definitely using also sunscreen. Sunscreen is harsh on your bikini and can leave unsightly visible marks on your swimwear. It is therefore a good idea to apply sunscreen to your body before putting on the bikini.

Chlorine and salt water are tough odds for your new bikini. Therefore, you must always make sure to rinse your bikini in clean water. Chlorine and salt water destroy the color and elasticity of your bikini. If necessary, wash your bikini from Marie Jo by hand in a mild detergent. In this way, you give your new bikini the best conditions to last for a very long time. Buy your Marie Jo bikini from us and get an exclusive bikini that highlights the best in you.