Marie Jo wire bra

Large selection of Marie Jo wire bras

With a beautiful underwire bra from Marie jo, you get a beautiful and exclusive bra, which fits like a glove to your breasts. Marie Jo is exclusive underwear which, in their design, manages to put your well-being at the center. On this page you will find a wide selection of different types of bras from Marie Jo, all of which are underwired from the exclusive brand.

Many women often have a preference for bras, and often they are mostly for either underwired or underwired bras. It is a matter of taste and is basically about which kind of bra is the most comfortable for you. All the beautiful underwired bras from Marie Jo are all produced in exclusive and soft fabrics, which all feel good on the bare skin. All underwire bras from Marie Jo are created to lift, shape and support your breasts in the most natural and beautiful way. So you can feel comfortable every day and all year round.

Lovely and exclusive lace from Marie Jo

Many women around the world are familiar with what the Belgian brand Marie Jo can do. Namely, creating exclusive underwear for women. Since 1981, Marie Jo has created aesthetic and beautiful underwired bras for fashion-conscious women who do not compromise on quality or fit. Belgian Marie Jo's beautiful underwired bras are all produced in beautiful exclusive materials that feel very comfortable and that almost feel invisible on your bare skin when you wear them.

The beautiful underwired bras are almost impossible to take off once you try them on, due to their fantastic and good fit. Lace is beautiful and very feminine, even when it appears on the beautiful Wire bras from Marie Jo. Beautiful lace gives your bra an expression of sensuality and passion. A passion that many women can easily forget in their busy everyday life.

Don't forget presence and passion

Too many women forget what underwear can do and what it can tell about them. Maybe they don't have the time or the skills to find just the right underwear. Instead, they might just pull on the usual boring underwear every single eternal day. For what good is it? After all, a bra is just hidden out of the way because of all the clothes. But it doesn't have to be that way. The reality is that underwear can help create you and what you mean to yourself.

A perfectly underwired bra that has just the right fit can actually do wonders for your self-esteem and your sensuality and at the same time help you feel really good. Everyday therefore doesn't have to to be boring. Even if it sometimes feels like the underwear often just needs to be hidden out of the way. Instead, it's about you feeling comfortable - also deep inside. And you can do that, for example, by wearing Marie Jo's beautiful underwired bras.

Marie Jo supports and provides pleasant comfort for your breasts

Marie Jo's many underwire bras designed to give you pleasant comfort and a particularly good support for your breasts. All underwired bras from Belgian Marie Jo are produced in exclusive and delicious materials that allow your skin to breathe and are therefore extra comfortable to wear.

In order to keep the good comfort in the individual underwired bra, it is It is important that you take good care of it. Therefore, avoid putting the underwired bra in your washing machine. It destroys it. Wash it instead of by hand, in a mild detergent. Preferably use a detergent intended for colored clothes, so that you avoid bleaching the delicate fabrics. Buy your Marie Jo wire bra from us and experience how a bra of exquisite design and quality can feel on it. just skin.