Femilet tops

Large selection of Femilet tops

With the many beautiful and delicious tops from Danish Femilet, you are guaranteed a top where quality and fit are of the absolute best quality. On this page you will find a wide selection of different tops from the Danish underwear giant Femilet.

The beautiful tops are, like all other products from the Danish brand, both feminine, functional and super beautiful.

In Femilet's large range of tops, quality and design are the main elements in each collection. Through their designs, Femilet always manages to put you and your well-being in the front row, so you can feel comfortable throughout the day.

All tops from Femilet are produced in deliciously soft qualities such as merino wool and cotton, which helps to give you a very special feeling of well-being every time you put the top on.

Tops for all seasons

Many women choose to wear tops because for example under a nice shirt or under a smart blouse. Tops that can be used both in everyday life and for more festive occasions. A top has many good functions, and therefore does not need to be used only for the sake of warmth.
Tops from Femilet can be used as a beautiful feminine detail, which pampers your well-being from the inside out, and which can make your daily clothing beautiful and feminine every single day.

Since 1923, Danske Femilet has produced delicious underwear, including delicious tops that you can easily use for everyday life and parties. All the tops are produced in delicious materials. Always with an eye to putting you and your well-being at the center.

Are you a big fan of wool, and are you one of those women who can freeze a lot in winter? Femilet has created beautiful tops which are made of the soft natural merino wool. Merino wool is a natural wool product which is thinner and softer than regular wool. Merino wool has the good property that it is temperature regulating and does not scratch. It also does not absorb the smell of sweat, and is therefore suitable for underwear.

If, on the other hand, you want to wear the nice tops all year round, Femilet has also created beautiful tops in cotton. Cotton is a classic in underwear. It is a delicious product that keeps your body warm in a comfortable way, without scratching. You can use the fine cotton top for everyday use, for example under a loose shirt. If you choose a top that is decorated with a beautiful piece of lace at the neckline, it will soften the stiff shirt and give you a soft and feminine look.

Family tops in different models

The family has designed a wide range of beautiful tops in different models. The tops are designed with wide or narrow straps. Some with small fine lace details, which give you a romantic look. Others quite simple, with a modern and sporty look. The adorable tops are all made from pure materials and in delicious qualities that let your body shine through in a natural and graceful way.

There can be a difference in how you style your top and also in what the purpose of it is. Should it be used to keep the body warm, or used as a beautiful element in the rest of your look? It's up to you. The most important thing, however, is that you can feel comfortable when you wear your top.

A top can be both long or short, depending on what it is to be used with. For example, wear a long top with a pair of your favorite jeans or your favorite skirt. The top will give you a feminine look, especially if it is decorated with fine lace details.

Buy your top from the Danish Femilet with us and get a top that both feels comfortable and that can be cozy on a cold winter's day.