Femilet wire bra

Large selection of Femilet wire bras

With a beautiful underwired bra from Femilet, you get a beautiful underwired bra that fits your chest and figure as if it were made for you. Femilet has created delicious underwear since 1923, always with an eye to ensuring that your well-being is at the center.

On this page you will find beautiful and beautiful underwear from the well-known Danish underwear giant Femilet. Including the beautiful and popular quality wire bras.

There is a big difference in which type of bra is right for you. The most important thing, however, is that you choose a model that you can feel comfortable in. Femilet has designed a wide variety of beautiful bras in soft and beautiful materials. Materials that feel nice on your bare skin and that protect and support your breasts.

All Femilet underwired bras are produced in soft fabrics and delicious durable materials, all of which are individually created to shape , lift and support your breasts in just the right way.

An everyday wire bra

At first glance, finding the perfect bra can seem overwhelming to many women. A bra that sits comfortably and well on your bare skin, and that you can also feel good in, regardless of whether it's for everyday life or a party. Maybe even a bra that you would want to wear every single day if it were possible.

There are many different types of underwire bras out there, all of which seem to do something different on each one. their way. With an underwire bra from the Danish underwear company Femilet, you can be sure to get a wire bra that fits perfectly every time you put it on.

For Femilet, well-being is the central and supporting part of their brand, and this can be felt to a great extent on their delicious underwire bras. Here, the design takes into account you, your breasts and your appearance.

Danske Femilet designs bras that you can wear every single day, and which make your breasts appear exactly as you wants.

Are you wearing the right bra?

It can be difficult to find the perfect bra, and before you choose your underwire bra, there are a few tips that can be good to follow. An underwire bra can be especially good for you who need extra support and firmness under the breasts.

  • Comfort is alpha and omega, and it is therefore important that your bra fits properly. The straps of your bra must not dig into the skin. If they do, it means that your bra is not supporting your breasts optimally. In other words, it's the straps that do all the work.
  • The circumference of your bra is important as it is the biggest part of the support. A good rule of thumb is that when you have the bra on, there should be room for 2 fingers. If the circumference is too tight, your bra will slide up your back.
  • It is important that you pay attention to your bra's cup size. If the cup is too small, you risk getting what is called a quadruple breast. If the opposite cups are too big, the bra will gape.

    Your bra can get too old

    It might sound strange, but in fact your bra can get too old. If your bra has been used regularly for a long time, it has a lifespan of approx. 8 months. This can be seen, among other things, by the elasticity of your bra disappearing. If your bra has small laces, as your bra gets older these will become frayed and boring to look at.

    Buy your Femilet wire bra from us and get a nice bra with a perfect fit that takes a big regard for you and your well-being.