Femilet bikini

Large selection of Femilet bikinis

With a bikini from Femilet, you can be sure to always be part of the latest bikini fashion. Danish Femilet produces beautiful bikinis, always with a great focus on you and your well-being. Find your favorite Femilet bikini on this page.

On this page, you will find a large selection of beautiful, colorful bikinis that suit all kinds of women.

When you go for a trip to the beach or a trip to the swimming pool, it is important that you find a bikini that holds its own. Lions. It must sit well on your body and of course it must not become transparent when you go into the water.

All bikinis from the Danish Femilet are made of delicious elastic materials, all with a fantastic fit, which means that you feel comfortable. The materials are quick-drying, which is a necessity so that you don't get cold on your body when you get out of the water.

Find the perfect bikini

A bikini is beautiful , it makes you feel feminine and a bit sexy, even when you're lying sweating in the heat on the beach. But how do you find the absolutely perfect bikini that you almost don't want to take off again.

A bikini is an important element in your beach bag. Whether you are on holiday under the southern sun or on one of the many lovely Danish beaches.

There is a difference between bikinis. They have different colours, fit and the radiance is often very different. Since 1923, the Danish underwear giant Femilet has created beautiful bikinis with a strong focus on women's well-being.

Love your shapes

Not all women look forward to jump into a little bikini when it's summer. And for many, jumping into it can be a very boundary-crossing experience. 
Finding a bikini is about knowing what to look for and which bikini suits your body type the best.

If you have a round stomach and round shapes, then you can advantageously choose a bikini that is high-waisted. A high-waisted bikini bottom supports your stomach while also having a firming effect. 
Also go for bikini briefs that cut high, it makes your thighs look slimmer.

If you have a full rear and full hips, you must choose a bikini brief that is cut high. The high bikini bottom will also make your legs look longer. Also go for vertical stripes and nice patterns. It will make your butt appear narrower than it is. 
Femilet has designed a wide range of beautiful bikinis in feminine colors and different patterns. This kind of bikini is good for you who have broad shoulders, as they distract the eye.
If you have broad shoulders, it's about making a kind of diverting maneuver that can lead the eye to your waist.

How to wash your bikini

Most people want to keep the bikini beautiful colors and maintain the good fit. That is why it is also important that the bikini is washed in exactly the right way, so that you avoid damaging the fibers in the fabric.

When you have been out swimming, it is important that you rinse the bikini in pure water. This applies regardless of whether you have been in chlorine or salt water. Both chlorine and salt are harsh conditions for your bikini, and can therefore affect both the color and the elasticity. Also, always let the sunscreen dry before putting on the bikini. Otherwise, you risk the bikini getting ugly shields. Finally, a bikini with underwire must be washed by hand in a mild detergent.

Buy your Femilet bikini from us and get a bikini that highlights the best of you on a hot summer day at the beach.