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Femilet is well-being and well-being is exactly what you can expect from the many beautiful bras that Danish Femilet has created. Through their delicious and very feminine bras, Femilet manages to create just the right fit, which feels comfortable to wear close to the body. On this page you will find a large assortment of different bras, all of which are designed to give your bosom the very best conditions. Regardless of size and shape. With us you will find bras from the Danish Femilet, which all fit the different shapes and sizes of breasts. Always remember to wear a Femilet bra with matching Femilet panties to complete your style. Shop also the large selection of bras from the Femilet series: Juliana, Mary and Norah.

How do Femilet bras fit?

The shape and size of your breasts are genetically determined by nature. The only way to make your breasts change is if your breast connective tissue and your body fat percentage change. For example during pregnancy or weight loss. Or if you have breast reduction or enlargement surgery. Regardless of what kind of breasts you are equipped with, you can still influence the appearance of your breasts. Namely with the help of the right bra. There are many different types of bras. Bras here that both control, support and shape your breasts. Danish Femilet has created a wide range of beautiful and very comfortable bras, all of which can help shape, control and support your breasts just right places.

Breasts are different

No two women are the same, and of course this does not apply to women's breasts either. Breasts can be divided into different breast shapes and appearances. Women's breasts can be divided into different categories like here:

Asymmetric breasts
All women are naturally endowed with two breasts. However, there are very few women where both breasts are completely symmetrical. Most often, one breast is slightly larger than the other, which results in the breasts becoming asymmetrical. Depending on how big the difference between the two breasts is, the difference can be compensated with a push-up insert, which is placed inside your bra. A push-up insert comes in different shapes and sizes, and therefore gives a more uniform bust.

Athletic breasts
Some women are naturally endowed with small, athletic breasts.
Bras with push-up, balconette or a t-shirt bra can be very good for many women with small athletic breasts.

Saggy breasts
After a pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding, many women's breasts often become saggy. This is due, among other things, to the connective tissue in the chest being loosened, and therefore the chest starts to sag. If you therefore want a nice bosom again, which looks nice and supple, you can use one of Femilet's many push-up bras. A push-up bra ensures that your breasts are lifted and shaped, so that you get a nice gentleman's walk.

Bell-shaped breasts
Bell-shaped breasts have the most volume in the lower part of the chest. They also seem to be wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. Here, a bra is necessary, which gives the chest good support. Femilet has designed a full-cup bra which is able to give the breast the optimal support.

East-West breasts
The name of this type of breast is in the name. Here the nipples point in different directions. It's all about choosing the right bra, which supports and which can guide the breasts back towards the middle. This can be done with the help of a classic t-shirt bra, or with a bra that has supportive inserts.

Round breasts
Firm round breasts do not require special support. Here you can safely choose an underwire bra or a bra with shaped cups. Possibly. with memory foam.

Slim breasts
This breast type is wider at the top and the nipples are located in the lower part of the breast. Typically, slender breasts are not very full and therefore require a smaller cup size. Slender breasts, on the other hand, are easy to make appear slightly larger with the help of a padded bra. Buy your next Femilet bra from us and get the optimal support and lift for your breasts.