Chantelle nursing bra

Large selection of Chantelle nursing bras

With a Chantelle nursing Chantelle you get just the right nursing clothing, which makes it comfortable for you to breastfeed, regardless of where you are. On this page you will find a wide range of nursing bra from the French lingerie brand Chantelle. The nursing bras, like the rest of their well-known and popular range, are both feminine, functional and delicious.

When you have to choose a nursing bra, it is especially important that you find a model that is comfortable. A nursing bra that keeps your breasts warm and where it's easy to get to when your child gets hungry. All Chantelle nursing bras are produced in soft fabrics and without annoying seams. Give your breasts the right support both during pregnancy and when the baby has announced its arrival.

Already use a Chantelle nursing bra while you are pregnant

Many people often choose to buy a nursing bra only after the baby is born. But it is actually recommended that you start using a nursing bra early in pregnancy or at the latest when you are 6 months pregnant. You don't have to be nervous about investing in a good nursing bra already while you are pregnant. Most people experience sore and growing breasts quite quickly at the beginning of pregnancy. You therefore often quickly find out that the regular bra is not very comfortable to wear, may not fit quite as it used to or has become too small.

Although there is a long time until you have to breastfeed, it would be a good idea to buy a good Chantelle nursing bra during your pregnancy. The whole idea behind a nursing bra is that the cup should be able to be opened without you having to take off the entire bra. With the click system that sits in the strap of the nursing bra, it is easy to open and close with one hand.

Support and good comfort for your breasts with a nursing bra from Chantelle

With a Chantelle nursing bra, you are assured that the design has been developed to expand as the breasts grow. A Chantelle nursing bra adapts to the breast when the milk comes in. At the same time, the nursing bra provides good and soft support for your bosom, and helps to provide similar comfort as you know from a normal soft bra. All nursing bras from Chantelle are made in soft and light materials that let your skin breathe and are therefore extra comfortable to wear.

These are also free of annoying seams that can bother you, the wearer, and disturb the baby when breastfeeding. Whether it's your first, second or third child, there are a lot of things that you have to manage before baby announces his arrival. With a good Chantelle nursing bra, you are guaranteed good and comfortable clothing for your breasts both during and after pregnancy.

How to avoid mastitis

Chestitis can be a very painful condition, but fortunately there is a lot of good advice so you can avoid getting it. Firstly, it is important that you make sure to empty your breast completely when you breastfeed. Make sure you also massage out any milk lumps when you are in the shower, for example, as these lumps can be the cause of your risk of getting mastitis. In addition, it is also important that you invest in a good nursing bra that can expand as your breasts grow. This can, for example, be a Chantelle nursing bra.

The breasts must be kept dry and warm, and you can do this, for example, by using nursing pads. In winter, it can be a particularly good idea to use nursing pads made of wool, as these pads provide extra warmth. Buy your Chantelle nursing bra from us and get optimal support during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.