Chantelle wire bra

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With a Chantelle bra with underwire, you get exclusive underwear that you will love to wear. Chantelle is a French lingerie brand that many women around the world choose when they need new underwear. Whether you are into an underwire bra from Chantelle with seductive lace, or you are into a simpler model, the French brand is worth a closer look.

With a Chantelle underwire bra, you're sure to get luxurious French quality and design that you'll quickly become a fan of. With us you will find a wide selection from the popular French brand Chantelle. Go exploring on this page and find inspiration for your next purchase of a Chantelle wire bra.

Comfortable underwire bra from Chantelle

Regardless of the size of your bust, it is important that you find a model that is comfortable when you need to find the right bra. With a Chantelle underwire bra, a bra really comes into its own. These are bras that keep the breasts in place in the best possible way.

Look good from the inside out with a Chantelle underwire bra

Any complete look starts with the underwear. A bra in particular is the basic base layer that both keeps the clothes in place and at the same time helps to protect them. With a Chantelle wire bra, you can freely choose from the large selection according to your taste, your size and your budget.

Which Chantelle underwire bra is the most classic?

A completely classic Chantelle bra is designed with underwires. Chantelle has been a leader in the lingerie market since 1876, and since the beginning of the French brand, a lot has happened with the development and with the design. Today, this means many more choices and thus also the possibility of individual looks. I wonder if there is also a Chantelle wire bra that suits you and your body shape?

Exclusive Chantelle underwire bras

Chantelle is one of the leading brands in lingerie. This is due to their innovative thinking and their constant search for the 100% optimal product. Precisely this gives you the opportunity to find the perfect match in the bra universe. Whether you're into a Chantelle underwire bra adorned with seductive lace or a simpler underwire bra that becomes invisible under a t-shirt or sweater. The common denominator for all underwire bras from Chantelle is that they are all exclusive. No matter which model you choose, you will definitely not hesitate to buy a Chantelle bra again the next time you need new underwear.

The history of underwire bras

The underwire bra is a classic that never goes out of style. It is the most popular bra, which the vast majority of women are big fans of. Since the early 1900s, underwires have been used in bras. They were further developed in several versions in the 1930s, but only really became a popular sales item in the 1950s. And since then, sales of underwire bras have only gone forward, and are the vast majority of women's preferred choice when they go out and buy a new bra.

Large selection of Chantelle wire bras at NetLingeri

Are you looking for a feminine, beautiful and functional Chantelle wire bra? Then you will find with us a wide range of bras and other underwear from the French brand. Chantelle takes a broad approach and makes both beautiful and comfortable wire bras. They use, among other things, French lace, multi-coloured embroideries and work with soft and molded bowls.

Their memory foam in particular is particularly popular. Memory foam molds to the bust from the inside of the cup, is comfortable and fits well on almost all women. A Chantelle wire bra is the perfect choice, regardless of what body type and bust you have.