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Here you will find all our panties, hipsters and strings from the brand Chantelle. Find the popular Soft Stretch panties and match the panties with a bra from the large selection of matching Chantelle bras. Do you love sales? See our wild Chantelle sale in the shop.

In Chantelle's large universe, you will also find a wide selection of panties. Regardless of whether you are into seductive lace, discreet embroideries, hipsters, or just a pair of Chantelle panties that stay in the desired place and at the same time cannot be seen under the clothes. Then on this page you will find a wide selection of panties from the French lingerie brand Chantelle. Find inspiration for your new Chantelle panties on this page and combine your favorite underwear set with a matching bra.

Are you looking for new Chantelle panties?

Every woman deserves to feel well-dressed under her clothes in beautiful and lovely Chantelle panties. With us you will find the most beautiful range of panties from the French lingerie brand, which you will love to wear both day and night. You will find a wide selection of types that vary from strings, hipsters, maxi and tai panties. Find everything from white to red to black with or without lace in different materials. You can't have too many panties in your underwear drawer, so why not expand your wardrobe with one or more pairs of panties from Chantelle. Chantelle is continuously expanding their range and coming up with new collections. And on this page you will always find the latest new models from the French lingerie brand.

Give your rear a lift with a pair of panties from Chantelle

You should never skimp on underwear - especially panties that we put on a new pair of every day. The inner parts are absolutely essential for your overall well-being. Both in terms of fit and materials, but also because they keep track of the figure. A pair of Chantelle panties give your rear a shape, so that it is lifted up and sits well under the dress or under the trousers. How much or how little has to be lifted depends of course on the type or model of Chantelle underpants you choose.

Panty models from Chantelle

The collections with Chantelle panties guarantee the three basic designs in the form of the classic cotton models, the more daring string and the slightly more covering hot pants. Within these three categories, you can choose from many different designs and shapes. The same applies in terms of color and design, where you will find a large selection of shades and tones. You can therefore decide for yourself whether the panties should be completely simple or with cut-outs, lace or other details.

Can you have too many panties?

The answer is a clear No! Panties are something you use every day and the vast majority of women tend to have different types of panties for every need and for every occasion. You can always find a pair of perfect Chantelle panties with us, which will suit exactly your wishes and needs.

Large selection of Chantelle panties?

Is it time to buy new panties? Then you should take a closer look at the diverse selection of beautiful Chantelle panties for girls and women of all ages. Both in terms of designs and materials. All panties that are perfect for everyday use under a pair of trousers or for festive events under a dress. In addition, you will find a wide selection of more daring designs in combination with the classic lines.

The vast majority of women have an underwear wardrobe with different types of panties, so that you are always covered in relation to your mood and outfit. The different designs of Chantelle panties can also be mixed and matched with bras and other tops from the French lingerie brand. So the freedom lies entirely with you when putting together the bottom layers. With us you will find a wide range of panties and other lingerie from Chantelle. With underwear from the French brand, you get quality that will stay nice for a long time and wash after wash.

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