PrimaDonna bikini

Large selection of PrimaDonna bikinis

With one of the many beautiful bikinis from the exclusive brand PrimaDonna, you get a bikini with unparalleled comfort and fit, which is not found in many other places. Since 1865, the exclusive brand has produced beautiful swimwear and swimsuits with an unrivaled fit and an elegant and exclusive design. With us you will find a large selection of the many beautiful bikinis, all of which are particularly known for their unique and absolutely perfect comfort.

A good fit is important, especially when it comes to your bikini. A bikini should give you confidence and be able to give you unique comfort, no matter how many hours you wear your bikini. All bikinis from PrimaDonna are designed to give your breasts the best support and the best fit, regardless of which one of the many models from PrimaDonna you choose.

Are you missing the perfect PrimaDonna bikini?

Most people who know the exclusive underwear brand PrimaDonna, is also known for the very delicious and exclusive quality that PrimaDonna has become known for over time. The exclusive and delicious quality also applies to the many models of bikinis that the brand designs every year for fashion-conscious women.

PrimaDonna has gradually become a well-known and recognized brand that started way back in 1865. Ever since, PrimaDonna has created premium luxury, primarily for women with a large bust and beautiful round shapes. PrimaDonna has designed a range of exclusive bikinis, each one designed to give you the ultimate in comfort. They are all designed in delicious qualities, colors and patterns, which give you a modern look.

The bikini loves your beautiful shapes, don't you?

All women are from nature side created differently, and therefore high demands are often placed on the bikini. Not all women immediately jump into the tight bikini as soon as the sun's warm rays break through on a hot summer day. Finding the absolutely perfect bikini is mostly just about finding the one that fits best your body and which also best suits your body type. PrimaDonna has developed beautiful bikinis for women with shapes and large breasts.

If you have a round stomach and nice shapes, choose a high-waisted bikini. The high-waisted bikini will support your stomach and has a firming effect. You can also advantageously go for a bikini brief that is cut high, it will make your thighs look slimmer. If you have full hips, choose bikini briefs that are cut high, it will make your legs appear to look longer.

Wash your PrimaDonna bikini the right way

All swimwear must be washed, and of course this also applies to your bikini from PrimaDonna. The most important thing, however, is that you wash it gently and in the right way. A PrimaDonna bikini is not cheap, and therefore you will probably also want to take good care of it. Chlorine and salt water are harsh conditions for the bikini's delicate fabrics. Therefore, always make sure to rinse off the chlorine and salt water as soon as you can get to it. Chlorine and salt affect the color and elasticity of your bikini, and you should preferably avoid this. If you swim on the beach, there are sometimes small showers where you can rinse off the worst salt. If not, you have to wait until you get home.

If you have to lie in the sun for most of the day, you probably also use sunscreen. But make sure to lubricate yourself before jumping into your PrimaDonna bikini. If you get sunscreen on your bikini, it will leave ugly scars that won't go away. Preferably wash your bikini with a hanger by hand, and in a mild detergent. Buy your PrimaDonna bikini here on this page and get a bikini that beautifully accentuates your beautiful round curves.