Calvin Klein bikini

Large selection of Calvin Klein bikinis

When summer makes its entrance in the Danish country, it also means that the bikini and bathing season is upon us. Fortunately, here at we have a large selection of many beautiful bikinis from, among others, Calvin Klein. Models that are all perfect for the many lovely beach and swimming trips of the summer or the holidays. On this page, among the many other products, you will find a large selection of beautiful Calvin Klein bikinis, all designed by the well-known fire. Calvin Klein's many bikinis are all created for the sporty and active woman who does not want to compromise, not even when it comes to her bikini.

Get ready for summer in a Calvin Klein bikini

Are you ready for sun, summer and a hot day at the beach? Here with us you will find a wide selection of beautiful bikinis from the American brand Calvin Klein. Among the many models, you can find bikinis in beautiful modern colours, bikinis which are designed in a modern cut and which also sit very comfortably on the body. In the large selection of beautiful bikinis from Calvin Klein you will find among others:

Triangle bikini - Bralette bikini - Bikini with wide shoulder straps - Bikini with thin shoulder straps - One shoulder bikini - Bikini with zipper

The soft bralette bikini from Calvin Klein is perhaps the most famous bikini from the recognized brand. The characteristic of this bikini is that they are all designed with a wide elastic edge that goes all the way around the chest. The wide edge is beautifully decorated with Calvin Klein's logo.

A sea of different bikinis from Calvin Klein

Some bikinis are bolder than others with, for example, smart details in the form of zips, which is located on the front of the chest. Others have the very noticeable logo elastic placed around the stomach, and some are designed with a peek into the bare skin. All the many bikinis from Calvin Klein are available in a multitude of beautiful colors, all of which are to give the brand the well-known sporty and active expression.

Among other things, you can find Calvin Klein bikinis in blue, turquoise, red and yellow shades. The many different bikinis are produced in delicious, quick-drying and elastic materials. Which both means that you can confidently trust that your bikini will dry quickly after your swim, but also that your Calvin Klein bikini will retain both shape and color.

Calvin Klein is much more than a known name

The hallmark of many of Calvin Klein's products is the well-known logo, which can be seen on almost all of Calvin Klein's many products. At least when it comes to the brand's underwear and swimwear. The logo is often placed very visibly, either on the bikini's many edges or on the bikini's wide elastic. But Calvin Klein bikinis are much more than that. These are bikinis designed for the sporty woman who likes to be active. Also when it comes to lying on the beach on a hot summer day.

Good washing tips for your new Calvin Klein bikini

It is a good idea to take good care of your new bikini. If you take care when washing your bikini from Calvin Klein, it can keep both shape and color for a long time. Always remember to rinse your bikini after using it. Chlorine and salt water both bleach and discolor your bikini. Wash the bikini at 40 degrees and avoid completely drying it in the tumble dryer. If you are looking for a nice and sporty bikini in a minimalist and stylish design, then one of the many bikinis from the American brand Calvin is Klein a good and safe choice. Here with us you will find a sea of different bikinis in many different designs and colours, which are particularly nice for a long day at the beach.