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Exclusive swimsuits from PrimaDonna

With a swimsuit from the exclusive underwear brand PrimaDonna, you get a beautiful swimsuit with a perfect hold and a perfect fit. The exclusive swimsuits from PrimaDonna are designed perfectly, just like the rest of the many different products from the exclusive brand. See also the selection of swimwear and bikinis. On this page you will find a wide selection of the beautiful swimsuits from the recognized and exclusive brand PrimaDonna.

All swimsuits from PrimaDonna are created in a modern and feminine cut, which all suit the fashion-conscious woman. They are all created to give the bust the best support, so you can feel comfortable when you wear your swimsuit. The beautiful and modern swimsuits from PrimaDonna are all specially created for women with large breasts. That's why every single swimsuit is created with just the right fit and support, so you can feel comfortable no matter when you wear your swimsuit.

Are you looking for an exclusive swimsuit with perfect support?

Quality and price often go hand in hand, and this also applies to all the beautiful swimsuits from PrimaDonna. PrimaDonna is by now an old celebrity in underwear, where since 1865 they have designed beautiful underwear for women who need extra support. Underwear which is best known for the beautiful lace and a completely unique fit. If you are looking for a swimsuit from PrimaDonna, you must also expect to pay a little more than for so many other swimsuits. The swimsuits from PrimaDonna are among the expensive swimsuits. But if you are willing to pay a little more for a beautiful bathing suit, you are also guaranteed a bathing suit that you can have for many years.

Finding a bathing suit that is able to support your breasts perfectly is not always easy. It must not be too big or too small, and if you have a large bust, it is important that you have a swimsuit that can support and shape to the degree you need. At PrimaDonna, the products are, including all swimwear, produced in exquisite quality, where nothing is left to chance. This means that all swim suit today belong to the super league of exclusive swim suit.

Can you trust your bathing suit?

Good quality and nice materials come at a cost, everyone knows that. This also applies to the exclusive swimsuits from PrimaDonna. With one of the beautiful swim suit, you are always sure to get a bathing suit that will never disappoint you. Common to all the swim suit is that they are produced in soft, delicious materials, which have the good advantage that they are quick drying. A quick-drying swimsuit is practical because it prevents you from getting cold when you go back and forth between your many swims.

Would you like to maintain the color and fit of your PrimaDonna swimsuit?

It is important to take good care of your clothes, this also applies to your swimsuit from PrimaDonna. Chlorine and salt water wear down your swimwear a lot, and if you don't take it off in a reasonable amount of time, you run the risk that both shape and color will disappear. When you've been in the water, whether it's a pool or the sea, so get yourself into the good habit of rinsing your bathing suit as soon as you get the chance. Some beaches are equipped with small showers that can wash off most of the chlorine and salt. If you can't get near water, make it a good habit to rinse your swimsuit as soon as you get home.

Your swimwear from PrimaDonna benefits from being washed by hand. Especially if there is a brace in it. Wash it preferably in warm water with a little mild detergent that has been dissolved beforehand. If you use sunscreen, it is a good idea to apply it before putting on your bathing suit. Sunscreen can discolor and make ugly stains on your beautiful PrimaDonna swimsuit. Buy your exclusive PrimaDonna swimsuit from us and enjoy the unique and delicious quality that PrimaDonna has become known for delivering over many years.