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At Hunkemöller you will find the tastiest and most beautiful assortment of panties and bras, which are both beautiful and comfortable to wear and which suit every occasion. Hunkemöller has a wide selection of types that vary from strings, hot pants, boxer shorts, hipsters, thongs and Brazilian panties, where we have collected our favorites on this page. Perhaps you are looking for a pair of pleasant and comfortable panties for everyday use or a beautiful and feminine string for your next party. With us, you can select your favorites and fill the underwear drawer with Hunkemöller panties of the best quality and sustainable production.

Hunkemöller panties in different shapes and models

To find the right pair of underpants, you need to take the time to choose the pair that has the fit you are looking for. Among the many beautiful and comfortable models, it is important to know the difference before you invest, as it helps to fulfill the expectations you have for the purchase. It can be a little difficult to understand how it is possible to find the perfect fit, as well as the panties that suit you and your body. But with the right model, a pair of knickers can give your bottom the lift you're looking for, lifting it up and fitting well under any set of clothes. How much you think you need to shape the bottom is up to you, but depending on your natural body shape, the result with this type of panties can be very different.

At Hunkemöller, the selection of different styles and fits is wide, and you have the opportunity to choose the color for your new lingerie yourself. On this page, you can find a multitude of panties in different colors and shades, which you can match with your favorite top, exactly as you wish. Go exploring and find the panty model you like best, which reflects you and your personality.

Mix and match your Hunkemöller panties

With Hunkemöller's wide range of panties, you have the opportunity to mix and match your favorite underwear for every occasion on your own. Because who says that the top and the bottom absolutely have to be from the same collection, or that it has to be bought as a set?

You can create your own lingerie collection that fits you and your body perfectly. Here with us you will find a lot of options, where you can both match your underwear with something from Hunkemöller's other collections, or you can choose to take a closer look at our range of other feminine brands. But with a pair of panties from Hunkemöller, you will always be guaranteed comfort and fit, where the product is durable. Regardless of which panty model you choose, you will be able to match them with a sea of bras in your favorite color and favorite material.

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If you need to treat yourself or a loved one to a pair of new panties from the European lingerie brand, you've come to the right place. On this page, we have collected a wide range of our favorites in several shapes and colors, which means that you should be able to find exactly the pair of panties you are looking for. Choose from many different types that vary from strings, hot pants, comfortable boxer shorts, nice thongs and flirty Brazilian panties. The range is so wide that it can seem overwhelming, but take a closer look at this page, where we have tried to make it easy and clear for you by carefully selecting our beautiful range.

We are open every weekday and are ready to help when you need it. You can buy lingerie online with us in peace and quiet and possibly check out our website in more detail. Should you have questions about size or anything else, you are more than welcome to send an email to or contact our customer service on phone +45 41 40 75 00, who are ready to help Monday to Friday between. 9:00 – 11:00.