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Calvin Klein is young, smart and cheeky lingerie. Produced in super soft materials and has a super good fit. Calvin Klein often comes up with new lingerie series, so follow this page if you want young, smart lingerie. Most women know the well-known brand Calvin Klein. The brand is perhaps best known for their beautiful and iconic designs of beautiful bras, tops and panties. Everything is designed in a minimalist style, which both signals sport and elegance. The delicious Calvin Klein panties are therefore absolutely perfect for the young woman who loves an active life, where movement and sensuality are the focus.

Whether it is regular panties, tanga, thong or hotpants, you will always be able to recognize Calvin Klein's many iconic and minimalist designs. Many of the beautiful products, especially CK panties, are designed with a wide elastic band around the hips, which is decorated with Calvin Klein's own logo. Here at you will find a wide selection of many different types of panties from the American brand. All are produced in the best quality and in the finest materials. Among other things soft cotton, natural modal and polyester which ensure you a high level of comfort in every single brief.

Challenging Calvin Klein briefs with a sporty look

It is not always easy to choose underwear, and it is not easy to find underwear that fits perfectly on the body either. Underwear can be difficult, and for many women the final choice often becomes a compromise. Unfortunately, the purchase often ends with many simply choosing the first and best.

When you have to buy your new panties, fit and material are especially important. But at the same time, they also want to be both sexy and sophisticated. Exactly that, the very popular Calvin Klein brand has managed to do. The large range of different panties are both sexy and sophisticated, combined with a very sporty and minimalist design, which appeals to many women - even around the world.

My Calvins

"Wanna know what gets between me and my Calvins? Nothing." Was about 3 decades ago a very popular phrase, which helped place the now very recognized brand Calvin Klein on the international market. It was the then very well-known house model and actress Brooke Shields, who uttered about the Calvin Klein brand. Since then, the brand has gained momentum, and has, among other things, had well-known house models, which also include the Oscar-nominated actor and singer Marky Mark. Today it is well-known celebrities, such as the well-known supermodel and Kardashian sister Kendall Jenner, who adorns "mycalvin's" well-known campaigns together with the singer Justin Bieber. Among other things, briefs have become hot again.

The common types of briefs have become cool

The many different briefs from Calvin Klein have become a cult brief over the past decades. A panty that the vast majority of women have become familiar with in one way or another. Many people know the popular Calvin Klein panties either to wear, or through one of the very popular and very eye-catching campaigns, which often use the hottest models and celebrities.

Calvin Klein's many panties vary both in the different designs but also in many different fashionable colours. Among the many panties you will find:

Classic panties - Thong panties - High Leg Tanga - Brazilian String - High Waist Hipster

Beautiful Calvin Klein panties for all occasions

Every single day is about feeling good, even when it comes to your panties. A set of underwear that fits comfortably on the body is worth a lot. This especially applies to your panties, which must not be tight and uncomfortable. It's about good comfort, appearance and of course also the rest of your clothing. Therefore let be the first stop on your shopping trip when you are looking for the delicious panties from Calvin Klein. Here with us you will find a wide selection of different panties, which both feel perfect on the body and which at the same time have a fantastic fit.