Marlies Dekkers

Marlies Dekkers

At Netlingeri you will find the exclusive and not least feminine and sensual brand Marlies Dekkers. Here you get designer lingerie that is a little out of the ordinary with the often eye-catching designs that are suitable for both everyday life and parties. Choose from many exciting variants in both panties and bras.

  • Marlies Dekkers bras
  • Marlies Dekkers panties

Beautiful, feminine, functional and not least comfortable. You get it all and more when you choose delicacies from this exciting brand. The collections usually offer bras with soft and delicious padding as well as knickers and thongs in innovative designs.

Marlies Dekkers is here to stay – no doubt about it. Here you can pamper yourself and your wardrobe with splendid details - details that make all the difference when it comes to delicious lingerie.

Feminine Marlies Dekker's high-quality lingerie

Let your feminine shapes be pampered with high-quality lingerie from the always popular brand Marlies Dekkers. It is both delicate and exclusive in design and choice of materials. The crème de la crème has been decided for you who want lingerie that fits perfectly on the body and at the same time makes use of materials with a high level of comfort.

  1. Carefully selected materials
  2. Focus on the small details
  3. Delicious fit

There is a focus on the beautiful feminine shapes, which to that extent come to their proper place with beautiful details that e.g. has offered collections with feminine straps across the cup, the possibility of a push-up effect and panties in a matching design.

Marlies Dekker's bra in an exclusive look

Regardless of your size, then the designer behind the exciting Marlies Dekkers brand has managed to create styles that almost hug the body. Choose from several different types of bras that offer wonderful details such as:

  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Closure with high comfort
  • Padded cup
  • Push-up effect

With the option to combine both bras and panties depending on preferences and other clothing, you get a wide range of selection of designs of both tops and bottoms. Combine with either narrow or the slightly wider panties. Thongs, shorts, push-up effect and beautiful details are most often to be found in the beautiful collections - all in an exclusive look that is excellently suited for both everyday life and parties as well as the more special occasions where the lingerie must be something very special.

Shorts panty or thong

The Marlies Dekkers brand not only offers beautiful and fresh colors in its designs, but a multitude of styles that allow you to match your other wardrobe. Should it be a string for jeans, a skirt or maybe a pair of hot shorts panties?

  • String
  • Shorts panties

Here you get an exclusive brand that also in both knickers and shorts knickers often surprise with exciting details such as straps on the back edge and extremely soft and comfortable materials. If you've ever tried a pair of Marlies Dekkers panties, you know that the comfort is high and the fit is perfect.

About Marlies Dekkers

Marlies Dekkers is not just a brand – it is also the name of the designer behind well-known and popular collections such as the lingerie series Undressed. Over the years, Marlies Dekkers has created both beautiful and feminine and even award-winning designs for both women, men, young girls and the curvier feminine shapes. Throughout the ages, the collections have offered:

  • Collections for women and young girls
  • Collections for curvy shapes

In addition, the collections have also offered a large selection of both cotton underwear as well as nightwear and swimwear and accessories.

Over the years, this Dutch designer has surprised and spoiled especially women across large parts of the world with his exciting lingerie collections. The first collection was published in 1993 just two years after Marlies Dekkers passed her exam with great distinction at the Art Academy in Breda.

Amsterdam, Paris, Cologne, Bangkok and Berlin are just some of the trend-setting hotspots, where the collections from Marlies Dekkers can be found. She has received a multitude of awards for both innovative design, best fashion lingerie and even for waiting clothes.

Marlies Dekker sale

At Netlingeri you will always find exciting Marlies Dekker offers - of course with fast delivery. We have provided delicacies for both everyday life and parties, and if you order for more than EUR 49, we offer free shipping throughout Denmark. We have reduced the prices and increased the good service and therefore offer you:

  • Day-to-day delivery to a parcel shop near you
  • Free shipping throughout Denmark with purchases for more than EUR 49
  • Full 365 day return policy

Look forward to discovering an exciting world of delicious lingerie, nightwear, underwear, swimwear and accessories here at Netlingeri.

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