At Netlingeri you will find the always popular swimwear brand Seafolly. Beautiful designs in beautiful, colorful and, not least, feminine and trendy varieties that women of all ages love. Treat yourself, your basic wardrobe or a loved one to delights from Seafolly with always a perfect fit, high comfort and colors that last.

Large selection of Seafolly underwear and swimwear

Pamper all the women you are with the creme de la creme from this hugely popular Australian brand that has taken the world by storm. Perhaps you will fall completely in love with this wonderful brand once you have tried the many delicious designs and felt the fantastic comfort and the wonderful materials on your own skin - the prices are, as always, favorable when you shop for lingerie and swimwear for women at Netlingeri - We offer, among other things, on:

  • Swim tops and bikini tops in many delicious varieties and color combinations
  • Swimwear, hipsters and Strings in beautiful and comfortable designs
  • Swimsuits and bikinis in all imaginable variants in the season's hottest designs
  • Swim accessories in many exciting variants

Quality in a special class

Quality is judged to be in a special class when it comes to the wonderful brand Seafolly. Both the world and women's hearts have been taken by storm since this exciting Australian brand saw the light of day back in 1975. The goal is also to become a world leader in beautiful and comfortable swimwear, bikinis and bathing accessories for women of all ages. At Netlingeri we offer, among other things, on beautiful:

  1. Designs in classic and timeless colors
  2. Designs in trendy shapes, colors, lengths, patterns and all-over prints

There is something for every taste and something for every occasion when you explore the large and not least inviting Seafolly range. The summer, the bathing season and the basic wardrobe can quickly become so much more beautiful and inviting with all the best from the always wonderful brand Seafolly.

Seafolly a world of colors

Shopping at Seafolly will never be boring. Here you will meet a world of beautiful colours, color combinations, patterns, prints and not least shapes. A world of surprises, which of course also offers the more classic looks for those of you who love a beautiful timeless bikini that is trendy season after season and year after year.

This professional brand can spread joy if anyone and good mood with their many beautiful and colorful designs. Let your bohemian style come to the fore or freshen up the wardrobe with girly colors, cool colors or perhaps a sophisticated pattern. You will find everything the heart could desire in terms of delights and creme de la creme in modern and comfortable swimwear for young girls and women.

Colours that last

Whether you shop for swimwear, bikinis, bikini tops or bikini bottoms for a single season or go for the more classic look that lasts year after year, you can enjoy the always high quality. Delights from Seafolly offer:

  • Colours that last wash after wash
  • Fit that lasts wash after wash

Remember to rinse your swimwear after use, if you have been in either salt water or chlorine, the material will last longer. The same is the case with both fit and colors. Just let the summer arrive with all the best from the ever-beautiful Seafolly.

Feminine, colorful or seductive

Seafolly is the obvious choice for every woman. Here you get everything you could dream of in terms of exciting details, beautiful colors and beautiful feminine designs. Should it be seductive, practical or maybe just nice - Seafolly gives you it all in beautiful design. We offer:

  • Designs for use on the beach, the swimming pool and in the garden

You can of course use the beautiful bikini tops, bottoms and beachwear for many other occasions, where beautiful colours, beautiful designs and delicious materials will always ensure that you are beautifully dressed.

A wealth of beautiful tops

Tops are certainly not boring when you shop designs from the beautiful brand Seafolly. Bathing tops and bikini tops and, not least, swim suit almost smile at you with the many beautiful color combinations. Even the more monochromatic designs are full of small beautiful details that just make them completely unique.

Let a world of exciting color combinations and designs help you have the best summer of your life wearing the best from the wonderful Seafolly.

Bottoms in exciting variants

Whether it is cool, practical, feminine or perhaps just beach-like, bottoms and bikini bottoms for women from Seafolly are the perfect solution. Over time, the collections have offered many exciting variants:

  • Bikini pants
  • Mini hipsters
  • Bikini briefs with lace closure
  • Bikini pants
  • Bikini String

Find your very own favorite among the many exciting designs. It can be almost completely difficult to choose. However, we have provided prices when you don't have to settle for just one set. Pamper yourself - now that the opportunity is there to meet a beautiful and colorful summer with all the best from swimwear fashion.

Seafolly vision

The vision behind Seafolly's brand and mission is clear: To become the leading brand in swimwear and beachwear by the year 2020. To that extent, they are on the way to the goal with their attitude that quality is everything. The many designs are inspired by the beautiful and long Australian summer, which women all over the world can enjoy in this way.

We hope to also delight you with all the best from this exciting brand with beautiful colours, feminine designs and quality that lasts.

Seafolly sale

Netlingeri offers lots of wonderful Seafolly offers. If you are looking for a cheap bikini, a cheap bathing suit or a colorful top or bikini briefs, look forward to great prices with us. We also offer many exciting brands and designs at unheard of low prices on our popular offer page, where you may be lucky to find leftovers from previous collections or other exciting special offers.

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