PrimaDonna wire bra

Large selection of wire bras

With one of the beautiful bras with underwire from the renowned underwear brand PrimaDonna you get a bra with a unique fit and support. On this page, you will find a large selection of the many exclusive wire bras from the exclusive brand, which primarily designs bras for women with large breasts. Many women often have a favorite when it comes to their bra. Most often, many women have a favorite, which is a bra either with an underwire or one without.

It is of course up to the individual, and is of course mostly about which type is the most comfortable to wear. All the beautiful wire bras from the exclusive brand PrimaDonna are produced in beautiful exclusive materials that feel comfortable on your bare skin. They are created to shape, support and lift your bust in a natural way. All PrimaDonna's beautiful and exclusive underwire bras are specially developed for women with large breasts, where fit is essential for the bra to fit perfectly.

Did you know? about your PrimaDonna bra?

Ever since 1865, the exclusive brand PrimaDonna has developed underwear and particularly beautiful bras for women with large breasts and round shapes. The bras are all produced in beautiful exclusive materials that sit and feel perfectly on the skin. There are many positive things that are very much worth mentioning when thinking about PrimaDonna and the many beautiful bras that the brand over time has produced. In the many different wire bras, each underwire is surrounded by three different materials. Nylon, foam rubber and delicate velvet. These three materials protect the underwire so that it is not able to press and poke you when you are wearing your underwire bra.

A PrimaDonna bra has a completely unique and perfect fit. The perfect fit helps to guarantee you a very high wearing comfort, and therefore ensures that you can feel comfortable. Nothing on your PrimaDonna bra is able to bother you. That's why every eye and hook on your PrimaDonna bra is sewn with a small piece of velvet to prevent them from getting in the way. If you have a large bust, this also means that your breasts can feel heavy. That is why the straps in a PrimaDonna bra are world famous for their completely unique quality. Instead of being sewn together, in a PrimaDonna model they are welded together. A weld therefore has a positive effect on the wearing comfort of the underwired bra. The characteristic feature of a PrimaDonna underwired bra is that the straps go further down the back than with many other bras. This gives PrimaDonna the completely unique comfort and very high wearability, which is especially known among PrimaDonna's very beautiful underwired bras.

As long as your PrimaDonna underwired bra lasts

Your PrimaDonna bra can last for around 8 months. After 8 months, it is a good idea to replace it, especially if your PrimaDonna bra has been used regularly. A bra can actually get too old. If your bra is getting too old, it can be seen by the elasticity starting to disappear just as quietly. Is your wire bra beautifully decorated with small fine lace details. Then, as the bra wears out, these will become boring to look at.

Are you looking for a wire bra, in exclusive and very high quality. Then the beautiful underwired bras from PrimaDonna are definitely worth trying, just once. Buy your underwired bra from PrimaDonna from us and feel the big difference and the delicious materials that characterize it for the exclusive underwear brand PrimaDonna.