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If you are looking for quality underwear, then our category with the popular PrimaDonna Orlando series is worth a closer look. Large selection of bras and panties from the PrimaDonna series: Deauville, Madison and Twist.

PrimaDonna Orlando, is lingerie made for women with shapes and especially for larger breasts. The bras are designed to optimally lift and support the fuller bust. PrimaDonna Orlando is decorated with feminine lace and is available in both neutrals such as black and white, as well as in more fashionable colors. Find your favorite here in our PrimaDonna Orlando category and get the feeling of well-being with lingerie of the best quality.

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PrimaDonna is a Belgian brand with roots in Germany that started with making lingerie for women with shapes back in 1865. Since then, their mission has been to shape women's bodies and minds. They will embrace the female form and produce underwear with the perfect fit. PrimaDonna designs luxury underwear with a beautiful and feminine design. They want to offer one size for all women who need a little extra support. PrimaDonna therefore designs bras in sizes up to a J cup.

The PrimaDonnas Orlando series is a combination of comfortable, practical and feminine. The materials are of high quality and the constructions provide the perfect fit. PrimaDonna Orlando is suitable for every occasion, regardless of whether it is for everyday life or for a party.

PrimaDonna Orlando for women with feminine shapes

Since 1865, PrimaDonna has made it a tireless passion to create the best lingerie for women with large and curvy breasts. The result is first-class luxury lingerie in cup sizes C to J, which is probably also why PrimaDonna is today in the super league in lingerie. PrimaDonna is particularly known for designing and producing bras that go up in large cup sizes.

The bras are not just big, they are also beautiful, have a perfect hold and provide a perfect fit. This is clearly seen in PrimaDonna's popular Orlando series, which offers women with large breasts optimal support, a perfect fit and elegant silhouettes. At we sell PrimaDonna Orlando, and we constantly make sure to keep the site updated with both the classic colors in black and white as well as the latest colors that match the trends of the time. If you are looking for a bra for a large bust or a pair of beautiful panties, PrimaDonna Orlando is just what you are looking for.

PrimaDonna Orlando – Trendy and modern lingerie for women with full breasts

PrimaDonna has fans all over the world, which is not without reason. This also applies to the beautiful Orlando series from the renowned brand. PrimaDonna is constantly working to keep up with the trends and trends of the time, where a realistic collaboration with the female customers is a particularly important element, so that they can thus fulfill everyone's wishes and needs. PrimaDonna wants to create the best results for you, so that you will be happy and satisfied with your purchase.

The lingerie selection from PrimaDonna always follows the trend and fashion, where the design is far from being skimped on, on the contrary. This is also clearly seen in the feminine details of the PrimaDonna Orlando collection. The fit and comfort are always top notch, which is one of the main reasons why women around the world return to PrimaDonna Orlando again and again. At the same time, the beautiful designs and the quality of the materials are of course also some of the reasons why PrimaDonna Orlando is high on the list for women with shapes and a larger bust.

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If you need to pamper yourself or someone you care about, then PrimaDonna Orlando is worth a closer look. Here at, we have made it easy and clear for you to find the newest of the newest from the popular series. We have collected the large selection of both panties and bras on this page. Our selection of bras is particularly wide, and is aimed at you who are in need of a new bra for any situation. PrimaDonna Orlando is an investment you won't regret and something your body will love you for.

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