Calvin Klein underwear

Calvin Klein underwear

Calvin Klein underwear is the right choice if you are the type who goes for the best quality from the inside out. On this page you will find an exciting and rich selection of beautiful underwear from the American brand Calvin Klein.

For Calvin Klein, the idea was to cut away all unnecessary details, and thus make the female body appear as a central part of every piece of underwear. The healthy body had to be visible, and therefore the brand created underwear with an athletic and sporty but also with a sensual and feminine expression.

The delicious Calvin Klein underwear is underwear designed for the fashion-conscious young woman who can like to be active.

All underwear from Calvin Klein is produced in delicious materials such as soft cotton, modal and elastane. Due to the delicious materials, the underwear feels very comfortable to wear. Whether it's a string, a thong or a bra with or without an underwire.

Calvin Klein underwear for every occasion

All women want to feel comfortable, even when it's about their underwear. Here it is important that the underwear fits properly without being tight and without leaving visible marks on the skin. Calvin Klein underwear is designed to fit perfectly in a completely natural and comfortable way.

Most of the underwear is produced in a cotton blend of cotton and elastane. The mixture with elastane helps to make the underwear very elastic, so it hugs the body when you wear it.

Which color underwear should I wear under my white clothes?

Soon spring and the long-awaited summer will arrive. Warmer temperatures also mean that we start to replace the heavy winter clothes with the light summer clothes. White and bright summer dresses and white trousers are often in many women's summer wardrobes.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect underwear that also fits nicely and well under the bright clothes. The underwear should preferably not be visible. Neither under the summer dress nor through the bright trousers.

One could easily be tempted to think that white underwear easily disappears under the bright clothes. But most often it happens that the white underwear will still shine through.

Therefore choose skin-coloured underwear and preferably in a tone that matches your own skin tone. Because of the skin-colored shade, no color contrast occurs. For example, you can use the beautiful underwear from Calvin Klein either in a beige, bare or nude colour. Choose your Calvin Klein underwear according to how dark or light your own skin tone is. If you choose the right shade, you completely avoid the underwear shining through your white summer dress and your light trousers.

Avoid visible seams with seamless underwear from Calvin Klein

Seamless underwear is simply underwear without visible lines and seams. The seamless underwear is therefore also a good solution if you don't want visible panty lines under the clothes. If you are going to use the underwear under your white trousers, it is again a good idea to make sure you choose the right shade.

If you do not own nude or beige colored underwear, you can, for example, replace it with light gray underwear. The most important thing to avoid your underwear becoming visible under the summer dress is to choose underwear that does not create a large color contrast. Therefore, you must also completely avoid white and black underwear under the bright summer dress.

Are you looking for nice underwear that is both nice, sporty, super comfortable and trendy. Then you will find at a large selection of very nice underwear from the well-known underwear giant Calvin Klein.

We have both panties, string panties, bras with and without underwire and many of the very well-known and popular bralette bras from the recognized brand. Everything is designed in the finest materials, which sit as if made on the fashion- and quality-conscious young woman. Find inspiration for buying new Calvin Klein underwear on this page.