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Calvin Klein is a beloved and very popular brand in most of the world. At the same time, it is also a well-known brand that the vast majority of women have become familiar with at one point or another. Either in the form of beautiful soft panties, bras, delicious nighties, or like here the beautiful iconic and very popular cotton tops. Tops from Calvin Klein are designed in a minimalist, stylish and sporty look, which is suitable say well to the girl for whom sports and an active everyday life are an absolute must. The various tops in monochrome colors from Calvin Klein sit very comfortably on the body and have a particularly good fit.

As time has passed, the American brand has largely managed to be the young people's favorite brand. Kendall Jenner, Marky Mark and Justin Bieber are among the best-known house models. Calvin Klein is sexy and mixed with a raw and rebellious youth culture held in a price range where everyone can participate. Here at you will find a large selection of many beautiful tops from the American brand Calvin Klein. All are created for the young woman who lives an active life and does not want to compromise when it comes to her tops.

Calvin Klein is an absolute must have

A top from the well-known brand is an absolute must have. The soft quality and the minimalist design mean that you can easily use the top for many things. The top is especially used by young women who have a sporty and active life, and who at the same time like the classic and simple look.

The different tops from Calvin Klein can be divided into several different colors, of which the gray mottled variant is perhaps the most distinct and best known. On this page you will find tops in the following colours:

Black - Gray heather - White - Purple Night - Bordeaux - Midnight blue - Pink - Baby blue

The tops are all produced in soft materials, which ensures you a high level of comfort and carrying capacity. The materials are primarily soft cotton, elastane and natural modal.

Sporty, minimalist and streamlined

The beautiful and very sporty top from Calvin Klein is very much worth mentioning in terms of good comfort and streamlined design. The beautiful cotton top is a very popular top, which is produced in soft cotton, which is mixed with natural modal and elastane. Modal is a fantastic material, which is especially known for being:

A very soft material that gives you a very special feeling on the skin - A material that is breathable and quick drying - A natural and environmentally friendly material - Modal has a cooling effect - Keeps the shape and color of the top. Calvin Klein tops are all designed without buckles and visible seams. You put on the top by pulling it down over your head. It's easy thanks to the elastane in the top, which gives it a particularly good stretch function. Around the stomach, the top has a wide elastic edge in microfiber, which is designed with Calvin Klein's own logo.


If you are in Calvin Klein's target group, you probably also know who both Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, who is one of the very famous Kardashian sisters. As front models for Calvin Klein, exactly these celebrities have helped to give the concept "MyCalvins" a good start and have made the concept and the brand extremely popular among young people.

At you can find many of the beautiful iconic and stylish tops from Calvin Klein. For example:

Soft cotton tops with underwire - Soft cotton tops without underwire

If you are looking for a beautiful top from Calvin Klein, let be your first stop the shopping trip. Here with us you will find a wide selection of different tops that feel absolutely perfect and very comfortable on the body.