Calvin Klein swimsuit

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Ever since the late 1970s, the American underwear brand Calvin Klein has been a highly recognized brand. Simplicity, long soft lines and broad shoulders have been one of the hallmarks of the many beautiful designs since the beginning. This also applies to the many swimsuits that the brand has designed over time. In Calvin Klein's large range you will find a sea of colorful swim suit, all of which have many different and exciting options.

Do you prefer an elegant and classic bathing suit, or are you looking for a delicious bathing suit that is designed in a wide palette of beautiful colors and wonderful fits? Then you will find the perfect fit with a bathing suit from Calvin Klein. Here at you will find a wide selection of many different swim suit from the American fashion brand Calvin Klein. Regardless of whether you prefer an elegant, classic and solid color swimsuit. Or if you would rather have a swimsuit that stands out with the season's newest cut and modern colors.

Simple and minimalist design

Most women wear one or the other time in their lives, became acquainted with the American brand Calvin Klein. Either in the form of delicious underwear, nightwear or as different swimwear. Including maybe even swim suit. Calvin Klein is minimalistic, classic and sporty design. This also applies when it comes to the many beautiful swim suit.

As with the vast majority of products from Calvin Klein, most swimsuits are not swimsuits that immediately get the most attention. It's a streamlined and simple design that doesn't manage to steal all the attention. On the other hand, these are swim suit which have an absolutely comfortable fit and are also produced in very good quality materials. The design of Calvin Klein swim suit is known for its sporty and elegant appearance. The swimsuits are therefore absolutely perfect for the woman who likes to focus on activity and movement - also when she goes for a swim in the sea or the pool.

Swimsuits for the stylish and modern woman

At Calvin Klein there has always been a large and strong focus on fashionable design. This also applies to the many different CK swimsuits that the brand designs. When you have to find the perfect bathing suit, there are a few things that are worth paying particular attention to: The cut of a bathing suit often makes a big difference. Either the cut on the swimsuit is very high, these are used especially by competitive swimmers. Or the swimsuit is designed with a low cut, which is especially good for women who don't want to show too much skin.

The back of the swimsuit can also have many different cuts. Either with a U-shaped back which is either high or low. Or a back with a racerback, which means having a cross on the back. A swimsuit from Calvin Klein with a racer back, is designed with an extra tight fit. This ensures that the swimsuit stays in place while you swim. The many swimsuits from Calvin Klein are designed with wide straps. The wide straps on the swimsuit help to give you good support and pleasant comfort. This also gives the swimsuit a sporty look.

Swimsuit with visible logo

With a swimsuit from Calvin Klein, you are almost never in doubt as to where the swimsuit comes from. Calvin Klein, which is known for their many iconic products, often decorates their well-known logo so that it can be seen. This also applies to the swim suit, where almost all models are decorated with a visible Calvin Klein logo. Either as a print on the chest, on the back or on the wide straps. Here on this page you will find a large selection of the many beautiful swim suit from Calvin Klein. Regardless of whether you are looking for the very simple plain swimsuit, or whether you are looking for one of the more colorful and sporty models. Find din nye Calvin Klein badedragt her hos