Calvin Klein bra

Calvin Klein bras

Calvin Klein is young, smart and cheeky lingerie. Produced in super soft materials and has a super good fit. Calvin Klein often comes up with new lingerie series, so follow this page if you want young, smart lingerie. Calvin Klein bra is underwear for the active and fashion-conscious young woman. It's smart underwear and fashionable bras, the design of which manages to create a close connection between a simple, sporty and feminine look.

The American designer Calvin Klein was a true minimalist, for which he also became particularly known for throughout his career. Calvin cut away all irrelevant details from the products, in order to make the female body appear healthy and at the center of the many products. Here at you will find a large selection of beautiful and very different bras from the American brand. You will find, among other things:

Wire bra - Wireless bra - Push-up bra - Bralette - Triangle bra - T-shirt bra

All bras from Calvin Klein are designed in fantastic quality and delicious soft materials. Among other things, nylon, elastane, cotton and natural modal. Because of the delicious materials, you get a bra that feels absolutely perfect on your bare skin.

A well-known elastic band with logo

Calvin Klein is an iconic brand, we can't avoid that. And with the well-known elastic band that is often seen on the brand's many products, the brand manages to create a visibly different and remarkable value and image with the individual consumer. You are never in doubt when you are wearing nice underwear from Calvin Klein. This also applies to many of the brand's beautiful bras. The brand draws attention by using the logo as pure decoration on the wide elastic that goes around the stomach. But which also makes the bra fit exactly as it should.

Calvin Klein was originally one of the first to open up to using the logo for other things than just a brand, which was placed in the neck of your T-shirt. The logo was made visible, but just in a cheeky, different and slightly provocative way - at least in the beginning. The soft bralette bras are all designed with the wide logo elastic around the chest. Bralette bras are found in Calvin Klein's many collections, and have almost become an icon for the American brand. They are available in many different colours, where black, white and gray melange have become the most well-known monochrome colors for the well-known soft bra.

Find the perfect fit

From nature's side, there is no two identical breasts. The size of your breasts is purely genetically determined. The only thing that can cause the shape and size to change is if you have either breast enlargement or breast reduction surgery. When choosing your Calvin Klein bra, it is therefore very important that you find just the right size and just the right fit. The bra must be able to control, shape and support your breasts. Calvin Klein has designed many different bras, all of which individually support and shape in a very comfortable way, which ensures that the bra will not feel uncomfortable and hot during the day.

No two breasts are the same

As I said, there are many different types of breasts. Therefore, the many different sizes of breasts can be divided into different categories like here:

Athletic breasts - Hanging breasts - Round breasts

Athletic breasts: Athletic breasts are often small breasts. If you have small breasts, you can go for one of the nice push-up bras from Calvin Klein, a full cup bra or a t-shirt bra. Saggy breasts: Saggy breasts occur due to the connective tissue in the breast becoming loose. Most often in connection with pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you have a breast that is not quite as firm as it used to be, a push-up bra might be a good idea to look into. For example, the popular PERFECTLY FIT bra. It both supports and helps you to get a nice cavalier gait again. Even if your breasts are not quite as firm anymore.

Round breasts: If you have round breasts, you can safely choose one of the very popular bralette bras from Calvin Klein. The chest does not require special support, and you can therefore easily choose an underwire bralette bra. If you are looking for a bra in a minimalist and sporty design, Calvin Klein's many bras are definitely worth it to look for.