PrimaDonna lingerie

PrimaDonna lingerie

With beautiful lingerie from the exclusive underwear brand PrimaDonna, you get luxurious lingerie designed for women with beautiful round shapes and a large bust. On this page you will find beautiful lingerie from PrimaDonna, all of which are created to highlight all the best in you.

Beautiful lingerie is cheeky and delicate, and the same also applies to the many beautiful models from PrimaDonna. Each model is designed with a completely unique fit, which balances beautifully between sensuality, perfect fit and wonderful comfort.

All lingerie from the renowned brand PrimaDonna is produced from beautiful exclusive materials that all feel comfortable on your skin.

Are you therefore looking for beautiful and exclusive lingerie that has been created for a woman with beautiful shapes and a large bosom. Then PrimaDonna is an obvious candidate to look for.

Be seduced by PrimaDonna lingerie

Ever since 1865, the renowned brand PrimaDonna has created modern lingerie for women with beautiful round curves and a large bosom.

Lingerie is beautiful and delicious underwear just with a bit more luxury and glamour. The beautiful lingerie from PrimaDonna can seduce and make you feel like something very special and unique, even on very ordinary days. The underwear brand PrimaDonna has designed a wide range of luxurious and seductive lingerie that can make any woman shine, even on a very ordinary weekday evening.

The beautiful and seductive lingerie from PrimaDonna belongs, in other words, not only for those very special occasions. It can easily be worn under ordinary clothes, even on a very ordinary Tuesday night.

PrimaDonna is the perfect lingerie

Some women find it difficult to find the perfect lingerie. This is often because it takes time to find the right one. If, on the other hand, you find the right one, which has the right fit and comfort, you probably can't imagine having to take it off again.

PrimaDonna is not just beautiful and seductive lingerie. It is also lingerie in the luxury class. In the development of every single piece of lingerie from PrimaDonna, even the smallest details have been taken care of to a great extent.

Around each underwire there are three different materials. Foam rubber, nylon and velvet, all of which help prevent the brace from poking you. Hooks and eyelets are also hidden using a small piece of velvet, and also prevents your lingerie from bothering you when you wear your lingerie.

Take good care of your PrimaDonna lingerie

Price and quality are always linked, and this also applies to PrimaDonna's lingerie. PrimaDonna's products are exclusive products which therefore also cost more than much else. For that reason alone, you will probably also want to keep your lingerie for a long time.

It requires you to take good care of it, also when you have to wash it. It is always a good idea to follow the washing instructions before you start. Avoid washing your PrimaDonna lingerie in the washing machine. The trip in the washing machine can very easily ruin the exclusive lingerie. Instead, wash it by hand, especially if your lingerie includes a hanger.

Please dissolve a mild detergent for colored clothes in the water before putting your lingerie in. Avoid overdoing the detergent. Never leave your lingerie soaking in the water, but instead wash it immediately. Never use fabric softener, it will close the small fibers in the fabric which means it cannot breathe. Never use a dryer to dry your lingerie, and never hang it in the direct sun.

Buy your exclusive lingerie from PrimaDonna with us and let yourself be seduced by PrimaDonna's beautiful and exclusive designs.